10 Reasons Why Do I Study And Still Fail?

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

10 Reasons Why Do I Study And Still Fail?

In this very time and age, everybody wants to achieve good marks in his examination but most of the students are suffering from this question why do I study and still fail in my examination no matter how hard I have studied for a school as a student?

What are the things that I have been doing wrong in exam preparation and I have not been able to crack the exam and get the failing grade regularly in my examinations?

Does not matter if you are a high school student or a college student the pressure of getting bad grades will always give you nightmares with the passage of time competition and the stress level is also increasing in the students nowadays.

Why Do I Study A Lot But Still Fail?

You have to believe that it is not bad to face failure when you are studying you are going to be very stressed out when you are going to get any kind of a bad grade yes at times failing can be very frustrating for the students because when you are not getting the good exam result in the class or in the school it’s very common to lose your cool at that kind of a situation.

Students study and still fail is very annoying. There can be many reasons we discuss in this article in detail but keep in mind if you study and still fail does not mean you are not able to get good marks, it means your study method is not good and you need some tips to improve your IQ level and some methods to achieve academic success.

study and still fail

To improve your chances of success in a final exam or test, you should know to identify the root cause of your failures and take steps to address them.

Remember that your mistakes in failed exams are key to achieving success in your studies.

10 Reasons Why Students Fail In High School

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1. Bad study material

Most of the time when you are not succeeding in your academics, study material, and study plan can be the problem because it is might possible that you are not studying with the good study material or you are experimenting a lot when you are studying to have a study session.

So the question over here is what to do with your study material and how can good study material can help you succeed in your examination for only a long time.

So it’s very important to have good notes according to the subject that you are facing or want to study doesn’t matter if you are a person who is going in the science stream war in the art steam having good notes can be very beneficial for you in a very long time.

2. You don’t have Good study time

It is very important to make up a timetable and work according to that timetable because if you are not planning before the examination then you are planning to fail.

So it’s very important to make up a check and balance between your study session and resting session making a timetable does not mean that you shouldn’t take breaks and become a robot for the rest of the session and start working like a robot it certainly does not mean that what it means to maintain a balance between study session and the resting session.

Maintaining a good study timetable will not only make you stress-free but also will give you a visible goal on the things that you need to work on another student so it’s very important for every student to make a good maintainable study time which you can follow until your examinations are not over

3. You don’t study early

By studying early we mean that you have to catch up with the college material or the school material for whatever class that you are studying in you have to make sure that you go along with the class and do not fall behind in the lecture of your professor or teacher.

You have to be very well prepared for every lecture listen to the lecture very attentively and ask the questions because if you don’t do that you are always going to be behind the class.

4. You start panicking(anxiety)

It has been seen in most of the students and many academic advisors have written this thing in their related posts that no matter how much hard work a student has done it has been seen at the college level that a student does not practice for the examination or for the final exams.

He will start panicking in the examination hall because of the lack of preparation. It is very natural that if you are not very well prepared you are inviting failure in your academic life it is one of the most common reasons that a student fails his examination.

5. You don’t consult

Doesn’t matter if you are in a higher education or college going you have to ask questions and make class notes to get good grades so you do not panic on the exam day it’s not about getting a passion score in an examination.

You have to ask questions for good preparation agreed that related articles so you do not forget anything on your test day you should ask questions from your teachers and parents to get success in your studies schedule but one more important thing is that you have to practice really hard you have to do lots of hard work.

6. You don’t practice

One of the key factors that you are not succeeding in your examination could be that you do not practice the text in the book and you do not practice the problems of mathematics or chemistry that’s why you forget them and you have begun to fail in your examination.

You have to practice tests to get the correct answer to your questions which is the most important technique that one person needs to do in his or her life.

7. You are wasting your time on your mobile phone

Now it is the mobile phone can be the source of your failure because as young generations we depend very much on the mobile phone and waste our precious time and we do not even realize that what the hell we are doing for our life.

So it’s very important for you to maintain a second balance between your own phone and the time screen that you are spending on your mobile phone.

8. You don’t focus on your weaknesses

We All should admit that we all are not perfect and we can never be perfect there is no such thing as perfection therefore in your academic performance, you have to make sure to work on your weaknesses.

For example, if you are weak in mathematics you have to work on your problem-solving skills so you do not panic in the examination hall or if you are not good at English you have to work on your tenses and grammar so you can write the sentence accurately and correctly.

9. You are not physically active

Most other people ignore this problem and they feel that not being physically active is an option and they can be as prominent and successful if they are not physically active in any field of life but Saturday is not true because my body coordination is very important and it can only happen in your life if you are physically active. so that your mind can work in the right perspective and right frame of mind.

Because it has been scientifically proven that if a person is physically active and working on his body his mind also works in the right direction and when you are sweating out your body feels good about itself and makes you work in that kind of a scenario which is totally impossible to conquer and you start panicking.

If you don’t take care of your physical health, therefore, it is very important for any student that he should work on his physical activity and make sure that he’s not lying around and doing nothing in his life physically.

10. You have Toxic friends

One thing that you’re not really familiar with is that your company is not that good and it is not supporting you in any way either financially or emotionally.

So if you are stuck in that kind of a friend circle in which your friends do not push you on the contrary they are very toxic and make you feel like a third-class person.

It’s very important for you to let go of that friend circle because these guys are going nowhere in life and certainly, they won’t help you to go anywhere in life as well It doesn’t matter how much strong a bond you have with them you are going to suffer at the end of the day.


To conclude we can say that you have to look for your study technique and make the best study schedule to gain good grades and be a smart student.

We as human beings are so vigilant and mentally strong that we know how and when we have messed up things and we can definitely fix it so you can do it as well.

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