Why Do College Students Struggle With Time Management

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

Time management is the most important skill in this time in which we are living because if you cannot manage time you won’t be able to manage your life and especially in the life of a young college student it’s very important for the students to have time management skills and tips.

Time management tips can only come with experience and on somebody is telling you about time management it is very important for you to listen very carefully and do the task with proper conspiration and focus for effective time management.

Why Do College Students Struggle With Time Management

Every student should be given lectures on time management and how to manage time good time management skills can only be given to the students who are out there and waiting to learn anything.

Now we are going to discuss the reasons why college students struggle with time management

1. Academic workload

When there is a huge amount of workload in college and this teacher and the students are not able to cope up with the academic record and the management tips or not be given to the students and teachers properly that how to complete an important task in high school or any kind of institute in which you are studying.

For example, if you are a student who is doing extracurricular activities and playing football or any kind of sport there is a specific time in which that you have to play your goal and sport in a very short span of time to get the job done for the team and assignments amount and every smaller test have been conducted in the class.

Yes, we all know that academic success is also very important in life but if you are not managing the sports and extracurricular activities and academic success and academic activities properly that you are not doing anything good for the students.

You are just giving them a huge amount of stress which has nothing to do with their life you have to manage the studies session you have to manage the study time as a teacher both as a student and as well.

If in any scenario online class has been conducted then you have to be very precise that how to manage that time.

2. Not setting priorities

As a student if you are not setting priorities is not setting boundaries in your life and don’t know the limitations that you are going to put in front of somebody else then unfortunately there is going to be no student success.

Because you have to do the important things first and we all know that how poor time management is there in our classes and especially when you are young and do not have a specific goal or anything that can motivate you through any trivalent regulations then, unfortunately, you are going to struggle with time management.

You have to give yourself that line at this particular time. I am going to deal with all the essential tasks that School management or classroom management has given to me.

If you set priorities in your life you will see a change in your academic performance and your stress level will be reduced because you know that you have done your work and there is nothing that can give you stress if you have proper time management in your life.

3. Procrastination

Many of the students will not admit that we all procrastinate at some point in time, for example, delaying decisions not completing the task, and inviting a huge amount of stress level on our body is and so it’s very important for doing the small task very quickly and rapidly.

So that our social life and our personal life are not that disturbed you have to build up a time management strategy timetable that you can follow properly and work accordingly regardless of the fact what is happening in your life that can increase your profitability.

You can also set reminders that can help you do all the important tasks without any kind of delay and without any kind of stress.

4. Multiple commitments

We all human beings want to please everybody and anybody in our lives that is the biggest mistake that you can make in your life you want to be the best version of yourself you want to do everything according to your bill.

We want to be accomplice version without any kind of laws which is technically not possible you cannot be the greatest of all time you cannot be a complete person you cannot be a person who doesn’t have any kind of flaws and weaknesses strengths and weaknesses goes hand and hand.

So you have to look at your plus points rather than you looking at your minus points you have to work on your minus points and see how can you improve.

5. Poor planning

There is a famous quotation that goes like if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail so you have to make sure that you do not get carried away in your emotions and the lifestyles and the parties and all those things that you are doing in your life that can give you fun and entertainment at the very same time.

Yes, you have to enjoy your life but at the very same time, it’s very important for you to plan properly and accordingly and work according to the planning that you have done in your mind so you do not get carried but instructions and the social circle of your life.

6. Destructions

In modern technology and the modern times social media and entertainment options can easily be available in your life.

Students can do anything that can lead to time wastage and frequently getting distracted from your goals can also be very much disturbing for your youngster because as teenagers we all know how important our teenage life and teenage time is it can break or make your life and the upcoming future.

So it is very important for you to get rid of the distractions do not get carried away by the distractions in any way possible you have to control your emotions and your mind at the very same time.

7. Adjustment to College life

We all know that how excited we are when we shift from high school to college involves a lot of adapting to the new environment increase of the Independence that we get in the college life that totally remarkable and at the very same time the college life demands lots of hard work and smart work as well.

The academic load is immense to us and we won’t be able to cope up if we do not have that kind of mental strength and if we don’t have that kind of time management skills that are really essential in that time which can make you the best version of yourself.

Yes, we get lots of independence in our college life but we all know that excess to everything is bad.

So if you are getting carried away by that independence and the power of joy that is given to you by the college management and if you are getting distracted from your goal then it won’t be able to give you any kind of satisfaction in your life.

You will read about those phases which you have wasted in your life.

8. Lack of time management skills

Many college students do not have developed any kind of effective time management skills before they are completing their higher education are going to the college life.

They do not have proper guidance either from their teachers or from their parents as well because we all know that hyper focus is on academic success.

The grades that we want to get in our life, therefore, what happens that the most important and essential skill which is time management is left alone and the people get distracted and they won’t be able to do anything properly according to their will that’s why the suffered and struggle at the very same time to manage time in their life.


To conclude we can say that time management is the most important skill that A student should have in his or her life because time management will make you a billionaire and if you are not good at time management you won’t be able to do anything properly and with commitment in life.

Because everything that you doing in life or going to do in life that demands commitment and time is money we all know that and few wasting that money for no good reason you are going to cost your future.

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