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How To Motivate Students To Study -10 Inspired Tips

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

In today’s time in age, education has become a very vital part for any student who wants to progress or any person who wants to make an impact in society but most students don’t want to study so how should we motivate the students to study education.

A human being is just a creature created by its creator.

Education gives you the knowledge to gain and see the current affairs of the population and the world we should motivate students to study because there is a quote in the jungle.

how to motivate students to study

“Survival of the fittest”

And in this current time in age, the quote is

“Survival of the Skillets”

Teachers and parents should work accordingly and with each other two studies. They should tell them there is no easy way to succeed in getting Fame and getting the life they want the easiest way is to get an education.

Most of the students lack education because they don’t want to work hard there comfort zone or work towards their destination.

10 Best Tips On How To Motivate Students To Study

Now what should we do or what can we do to motivate students to study? With the passage of time, people’s priorities are changing, and their more falling towards the money card.

Let me put this very clearly and straight you cannot earn money without skills and skills can only come from education and education comes from books these things are all related to each other.

motivate students to study

1. Teacher should know their student

Teachers play an important role that can change the direction and the complexion of the country. The world and the generations to come Because we have the generations in our hands and it is our responsibility to give them the right principles and right frame of mind so they can take part in the prosperity of this world. Breaking down into the problem I see that most parents want their children to study but most parents cannot afford the expenses of education.

Everything is in the hands of the teacher classroom management is very important in that kind of perspective. We, teachers, should appreciate student achievement that has been made by a student. Parents should also be involved and give positive feedback to their children.

Most parents don’t want to because they think it’s useless to allow me to  quote verses from the Holy Quran

2 . Tell your children the importance of education

That Court is more than enough to tell you the importance of education division behind it should change as well. We should motivate students to study not just to get a degree or job in fact but to become difference makers in the society or society that is dealing with chaos. I mean educational psychology should change. When you are learning something learning comes to a process in fact learning is a process. So give time to yourself and have patience.

Encouragement is very necessary and that should be given to the students in any study session the way of teaching should be very easy to understand teaching is an art in fact. And teaching should be considered an art at any time or the modern era. What time what I mean to say is have some fun activity after you finished the class and give rewards extended rewards to the students.

Motivation should be there in any cause but extrinsic motivation doesn’t work that rapidly. Motivation should be from inside out not outside in. Online learning can be very handy in that kind of circumstance because you don’t have much time to prepare. Most people say that special education is needed but I don’t think so because everybody is unique and special in their own ways every student is.

“Get an education even if you have to go to China”(old quote)

3. Give the students a purpose in life

Students should have a specific goal that can run through their minds all the time 24/7 which can give them focus and motivation and get the way from any kind of destruction. when you are sending your children for higher education make sure to give them a broader vision so that they shouldn’t get distracted. Allow me to add one thing that is mostly ignored by most students that is homework please for God’s sake do your homework.

4. Your college doesn’t decide your future

Average college doesn’t mean that you will have an average future college is just an institution that is imparting education to the youth or is pretending to impart education to the youth.

5. Know the interest of the student

Student interest should be taken into consideration and we teachers need to ask the student what are his entrance and what he wants to win in his life. What I have seen is everybody wants to have success until they come to know what the price they have to pay to get success in the real world because real life is very hard life is not a place of sunshine and rainbows.

It’s a very mean and nasty place and I Don’t Care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and get you there permanently if you let it. educational research can also play a vital role in helping the student to get motivated because when the graph and the ratio table increase that these are the people who have success because of their education and degree the student automatically gets motivated to study.

6. Make a stress-free environment

Environment places a huge cause in the establishment of a person especially the students when he is struggling with his academics and the career that he has to choose for himself. so it’s very important for any teacher to make a stress-free environment to show that students can study with all of their consideration channels on one subject.

7. communication

Communication with the student or having a heart-to-heart conversation with the person who studies in front of you can make a huge difference in his life as well because you will be talking and answering the questions that he is going through and the dilemma that he is facing in his practical and professional life. students sometimes get very rusty with their academics and careers their grades get up on their nerves and it is very stressful for the student himself.

8. Telling stories

Storytelling can and has played a very vital role in any human being’s life, not the student’s because the past experience of any motivational speaker or any person who has to make up an impact in his life and share the experience of his life can give the student a very huge amount of zeal to work in the right direction with the right enthusiasm and focus which is required to crack any kind of examination.

We can give examples of Albert Einstein Cristiano Ronaldo and all the people who have made an impact in their respective feels by telling the students that they were exactly the same as they were nobody knew them until they became what they wanted to become in their life there hard work dedication and determination has made up the difference because you have to take another lap because you never know that is might be the one.

Your company plays an important role in the situations because it is very important for the student to hang around with the students who are above in ranks or in grades as compared to you or who are on the same pages you are. No, I am not saying that you will find exactly the same person who is going to be like you in every perspective of life because if that happens you will lose your identity.

But still, you have to look up the person who is not negative you should delete the negative person and delete the negative thoughts which are coming from some person or many kinds of sources that are not reliable or not important in your personal or professional life.

9. Failure is part of the success

The most dangerous thing that has stopped today’s youth from becoming what they want to become is one thing or one word that is haunting them and that is failure. You have to listen to this or read this very carefully failure is not the end of success it is not the other side of success it is a part of success that gives you that kind of time to analyze your mistake and what you have done wrong or what went wrong in your planning.

10. Give mental strength to the student

Last but not least the most important tip that one could have is the teachers should be involved in giving the mental strength to the students that my boy it is OK to fail a class that is going or it is OK to test give them the strength that they need and a space that they need to excel in their lives.


In conclusion, motivating students to study can be achieved through various methods such as creating a positive learning environment, setting clear goals and expectations, providing relevant and interesting material, offering support and guidance, and acknowledging their efforts and progress.

what inspires students to learn? By implementing these strategies consistently, educators and parents can inspire their students to become lifelong learners who are driven by a genuine curiosity and passion for knowledge. Ultimately, when students are motivated to study, they are more likely to achieve academic success and pursue their dreams and aspirations with confidence and enthusiasm.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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