How To Learn Fast For Exams In One Day – 9 Great Tips

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

Exams season had arrived and everybody is in panic mode or either in study mode fight or flight mode going on definitely and most of the questions asked by the students are how to learn fast for exams in 1 day.

It’s quite next impossible task to be very realistic because a majority of the time has been wasted from your side now it is the exam day, it is crunch time and when the exams are going on most all people start panicking because they don’t know what to do and how to do with it. In most of the class tests for test days that have been conducted in the classes most so the students skip that which causes them in a very brutal way. Push your brain to function in a proper manner because the sword is on your neck and it’s about to crumble you.

A very important tip and a very important thing to discuss over here that give your 110% still it’s not over. In the season of exams, the expectations of the parents especially are very hidden. They want their children to as the exams make a move to make an impact in society and come to the highest ranks on the board in a district.

Some people are night owls, some people wanted to study, early in the morning, and some people study in the evening because their constitutional power increases at that particular time.

The motto is to know yourself and know your strength and weaknesses in the subjects which are weak or require more concentration focus on them first because target the main bug in your destination because, at that particular time, your consideration power is much higher.

learn fast for exams

9 Tips to learn fast for Exams in one Day ( with Infographic):

Exams can become a headache for most students especially the average one because they have not studied from the word go from first class and now they are panicking and having attacks and their mental health is disturbed.

learn fast for exams in one day

People have different strategies and different mindsets regarding exams and how they want to study for a particular exam that is going to be held in their life

1. Keep a cool mind

This is one of the most ignorant things that a student can make when he has no time to learn fast for exams or prepare for an exam. We can understand that time is short on things are not going according to your perspective.

You do have not many hours left the time is running out but still have a coal mine to focus on your studies and the subject that you are having difficulties in covering of syllabus can only happen when your mind-body connection is on the rise.

Brain function can be very important in this kind of scenario because if you are restless having an exciting tax or having a huge amount of stress mounting upon you cannot work according to the schedule that you have in your mind.

2. Practice

Now if you are having a very hard day with mathematics or physics for any numerical subject just make sure that you have a huge amount of practice with the questions. which you think are important and can come into the exams.

And not just the numerical questions need to be practiced in every subject of yours there it is easy for you other is difficult for your computer, science, English, Urdu, Islamic studies, whatever it needs to our has to go through practice because all of the questions that you are going to attempt will get we call in your subconscious mind.

3. Keep  your phone away

This is one of the most important tips that one can have because this electronic device can kill time and you won’t even realize it. People are struggling with the social media Instagram Facebook you name it these are all destructions.

Have practice before you go for exams because you will struggle with them because of time management. A study group can be handy if it is on the same mission as you are so find a good study group.

It is very disturbing when people especially family members and friends in your colonial locality started taxing you for no reason just to distract you and these electronic devices, laptops, and tablets make sure that you stay away from them.

4. Past papers

Practice your class test that has been conducted in your class for the exams practice. How to prepare for a temp exam before you go into the exams hall. The developer learning style of yours, because everybody is unique good study habits, can also be very lethal and unique in this kind of circumstances.

And also please keep a check on the fast past papers that have been conducted before your exams because 60% of the exams that have been prepared in the board exams have been from past papers and especially when you are having an English exam.

Make sure that your writing speed is very good and accurate and going with the flow. From my personal perspective and point of view, I have seen that the past papers and the questions in the past papers become very helpful for the average student, especially because like I said most of the exams that have been made or are going to be will have a hint of those past papers and the questions 60 to 70% will appear in your exams as well.

5. Sleep

Sleep can be very critical and very demanding in this kind of circumstance because I know the time is short and you’re running out of time but believe me, having a nice sleep or two or sleep or half an hour sleep can charge give your mind that kind of energy which it needs in your exams.

Taking breakfast is also very essential when you go into the examination hall keep a check on your mind and the questions that are running through your mind don’t try to lose your patience control. your emotions and prepare yourself for the exams and believe in yourself that you can do that.

Don’t dare to sleep at night late because most of the time you will get panic and anxiety attacks. so, sleep on time wake up early, and maintain a check and balance between your diet and your routine. Then you don’t lose control of your examination.

6. Prepare the important questions

Since the time is short and you’re running out of time that is very important for you to check on the important questions and the important questions that have appeared in the plastic examinations and class tests consult a senior.

if you want to and ask him what he is going to do and what are his plans to go for exams.

7. Handmade notes

Handmade notes can be very handy for most students because it is written in very easy language and very easy language to understand for the people who are studying at the last moment consult a topper or consult a person who has given you that kind of notes from which you are studying.

During lectures, most show people most of the students there has a habit of making notes of their own writing. The notes attend the lecture in a very different way so they can understand the lecture easily because believe me or not what you have written will never go out of your head.

8. Organize your stuff

Now by organizing your staff, I mean that the place that you are studying in shouldn’t be messy there shouldn’t be any kind of mess around in that particular place because the more messy your studying area or your studying place gets the more restless and anxious your mind will be.

Have proper stationery and have a proper table that you are going to study organized. your staff has a pencil paper copy register that you want to use for writing get a laptop for researching something if you are researching one thing for your preparation for an exam.

Basically, the key is to get all the things that you need to prepare for your examination so you don’t have to run for it. You don’t have to keep a look around that oh my God this thing is missing or that thing is missing.

when you came to know that everything that you need is organized and when maintained and the place in which you want that thing in your mind to give you a very calm sort of vibe.

9. Believe in yourself

The last but not least tip that I want to give you is that have a firm belief that you can crack this examination regardless of the fact that you have one day left for your examination.

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