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How To Overcome Fear Of Exams? 13 Tips

Last Updated on October 2, 2023

overcome fear of exam

Fear of exams is nothing but the lies that your mind is telling your body without a doubt. Most youngsters are dealing with it there could be many reasons but the reason which is most common in today’s youth, especially in the subcontinent countries is the fear of exams. The fear basically comes from the expectations of society’s peer pressure which gives the student nothing but exams stress depression and anxiety attacks.

After reading this article, you will be able to overcome a fear of exams.

According to a survey, the fear comes when you are thinking or talking about the results and not the efforts that are very important on your side to make.

overcome fear of exam

Fear of examinations comes when you are thinking about the things that are not in your hands for the things that you cannot control for example what is going to be the question paper like. What is the question that comes out of the syllabus? These other things that stuck into your head and give you mental stress depression and anxiety and the things that you have learned you start to forget them.

Negative thoughts

What I have seen is negative thoughts mostly arise when you are discussing the exam phobia with your fellow classmates and they are telling you about their strategies and preparations that they have made for the examination hall for the exam that is going to be held.

Now, most of the students especially the average students have not prepared well for the examination or have some doubts or fear of exams of their own that they are dealing with getting them in trouble.

Fear of exams

Examination fear is okay to have but if you think is getting on to your nerves and mind it will do more harm than good because you will start getting panic attacks stress will get the better of your mind.

What Does A Student Study For?

Most students study books with only one thought in their mind when the results came they get the desired percentage that they have in their mind on the basis of that percentage they will get admission to the best college university or institute.

It Is a very pleasant dream. I am sure you be imagining the picture in your mind that you have got the degree in your desired field you have got the money you have got the luxurious lifestyle that you want.

Problems of students

Problems that the students of today are facing are very huge in numbers but slowly were going to break down the problems that the students of facing in the current generation the problems are as follows:

1. Fear of failure

One of the most important demons that the student of today facing the figure of failure because as mentioned earlier this society is getting into the heads of the students and they want the student to live up to their expectations and desires.

That is why the students of today are on the back foot and telling their stories that how the fear of failure is behind them and they are dealing with it.

2. Fear of poverty

Look we all know that we are living in a dominant society in which money is the basic scale of your success if you are not well the if you not rich if you are not making a huge amount of money people will not give you the respect that you want.

First of all, you have to believe that money is the second priority in my life first I have to tell my character I will be living on the principles that I have learned from my life and nobody is going to drag me down from them.

What is the fear of failure?

The fear of failure is what if I fail the examination and this society is going to judge me very badly I won’t get the respect that I need and the people in my house, especially my parents are going to judge me on a very dangerous scale.

The students are starting to believe that if they fail the examination they have not failed the examination they have become a failure in their lives.

Everybody has a plan for success if I get into a desired field of mine if I get the desired results I will do this and I will do that but not even a single person not even the parents have the mindset that how they are going to train their young ones their children that if the failure arises how they are going to deal with it.

13 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Exams

Now you are going to get into the main topic and going to get the tips that will help you to get rid of your fear of examination and your stress and pressure and anxiety issues.

overcome fear of exams


1. Time table

You might have heard about this tip from your teachers and parents but still, the students don’t pay heed to this tip because they take it very casually and not that important according to their perspective and exams point of view.

Make a timetable and work according to it plan your subjects what are the chapters that you need to study are the important questions that you need to prepare and following that timetable is very important. There is a quote that goes like

“If you don’t plan, you’re preparing to fail,” 

2. Diet

Second and the most important tip that most students ignore is to keep a check on their diet plan.

Eating patterns are very important you cannot just eat anything and succeed in any kind of life because mind and body connection are very important to avoid sugar and salt and all those snacks that make you lazy.

3. Water

Keep your body hydrated value of preparing for exams or going in the examination hall drink 7 glasses of water daily.

4. Revision

Revision of your course is very important not just in your class examination but in the competitive exams as well.

Review your important questions daily or in on the weekly basis.

5. Study past papers

It has been seen in the recent past that the 60% of the examination that are going on are prepared from the past papers of the early years.

6. Relax your mind

It is very important for you to relax your mind because most students are very well prepared for the examinations they know all the questions they are going to prepare the answers are according to the questions but unfortunately, they can’t control their minds then negative thoughts that are passing by the rest come and go and blow all the material that they have learned.

7. Take breaks

Studying hard is very important for examinations which is true but sometimes taking breaks after 30 minutes is very necessary for any student who wants to excel in his examination because your mind is resting so give your mind something to crave and something to work even harder it’s like that you work for 6 days in a week and you get one day off the energy and the enthusiasm is we gained and you work with new fire.

8. Sleep

As mentioned earlier that your mind is the CPU that how you going to attend an exam in the examination hall. so the CPU needs some rest especially when the stress is mounting on your head. it’s very important according to research that a student gets a maximum of 6 to 7 or minimum 5-hour sleep before an examination. because if you are restless before the examination you are not going to perform as well as you expected yourself to do.

9. Exercise

Now here we are not saying that hit the gym or do any kind of intensive exercise that can give you pretty or make you restless we are talking about this scroll in a park go for a walk do some jogging or skip to get the blood circulation to get going for you.

10. Ask doubts

It doesn’t matter that you are in the middle of an examination it is your last day for preparation you will have doubts that are going to stack into your head so it’s very important to contact your teacher to ask him your doubts so there is no confusion left before your examination.

11. Work on the weak subjects first

Our body has a limited amount of energy that we use in our daily life. so it’s very important when you are preparing for your examination to get the difficult subject first and you will do it because at that point your concentration power is at its peak.

12. Breath in breathe out

The stress is there which is mounting on your head in the examination hall so it’s very important for you to keep a check on your breathing. don’t panic don’t stress out.

13. Belief in yourself

Last but not least have a clear belief in yourself that you are very well. prepared for examination because brain power is the main power.


In conclusion, we can say that fear of exams is not good for you because fear of exams reduces your energy, your passion, and also your motivational mindset. So, this is important for you to follow these 13 tips to overcome the fear of failure in exams.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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