10 Real-World Problems For Students To Solve

Last Updated on May 1, 2024

real world problem

Today unfortunately the students are not prepared for real world problems not even a single skill is being given to the students in problem-solving and they do not know how to solve a single problem. In this article, we cover 10 real-world problems for students to solve.

Student learning is just been a cramming method and they just want to improve it as on the basis of student work is based upon just the grades and mark sheets they are not prepared for real-world, problem-solving and there is no learning that has been done on a bigger scale so what are the real-world problems for the student to solve?

In high School unfortunately the education of generation science and standards are given and mathematics has been enforced on the students but there has been no nothing like an ingredient of critical thinking that has been given to the students they are not just on that kind of track in which you can call them a good problem solver even engineering and all the lessons that has been given by the teachers to the students.

Does not give any kind of possible solution to how to solve the problem that is why in our community many of the community members are just mature physically but none of them are mature mentally they do not have any particular solution to a thing that the real world is going to throw at them communication skills are also not that good solve the real world problem is a main ingredient.

If you are a man what are the challenges that you are going to face when you are going out there in the practical world, not the computer problems would also your relationship issues will be addressed by many of the true leaders but unfortunately our community and institutes are not building any kind of leaders.

So here we are going to discuss 10 problems the students are facing right now.

1. Peer pressure Should Be Reduce

One of the main reasons that students struggle with the problem that need to face every time and then need to solve every time that they wake up to do something that is peer pressure because the standards of living are much higher than we all know that everybody wants a luxurious and healthy lifestyle for their upcoming generations and family and to do that the students are really struggling they have to work day and night for hours.

Many of the students we know are doing some extra shipping in the night and night shifts are also being done by the students who are also studying away from their home this kind of a things give them a huge amount of pressure get they need to cope up with the standards that the people and the society has set up for them.

2. Bullying Is The Main Reasons

It is quite unfortunate that bullying and ragging are also being done in many of the countries that especially in the most well-developed countries which are known as the backbone of human Rights, unfortunately, these things are happening over there can the students are being bullied and they are being raged just to get some kind of entertainment out of them which is not a good thing.

The students and the institutes should take up a stand and make up a stand and make some strict rules and punish the people who do that on a regular basis.

3. Depression Is The Major Problem For Growth

Mental health issues are also being faced by many of the students and unfortunately, there are not many articles that are return in this topic because many of the things that are seen by the naked eye can be justified but unfortunately this thing depression and anxiety issues cannot be justified because many of the people have not read even a single book on depression.

It is the lack of knowledge that the parents also do not know that houseware the word depression is in if somebody is suffering from depression it is your responsibility to help that person in order to make his world and life a beautiful beautiful place to live on.

4. Financial issues

There are also many financial issues that the students are facing especially the students who are not that supported by their families they have to work day and night to meet their educational expenses and if there is something that is bothering them and their mental health is not in that kind of state in which they can perform accordingly.

Not only that academic forms going down but also also getting hit by that kind of mental state, so it’s very important to give the basic necessities to the students who are studying and want to make up a name for their self and even to the people who are working on the labor.

5. Homesickness

The students who are studying or are away from their family and loved ones definitely have one thing that they suffer a lot on a daily basis and fitting them a lot mentally is that they are homesick because they don’t have anyone to talk to and that convenience of the family is not there and because of that there hit by loneliness their head by emotional breakdowns and their physical and mental health gets disturbed by that.

6. Time management

Students are also wasting time on useless activities and they do not know where the life is going and that is why the time management skills are also not there and teachers in the institutes and all the people who are responsible for giving them those skills are not taking a very good action but on the other hand, it is also the responsibility of the students to have that kind of hunger to learn something new.

If you are not hungry to learn anything new nobody can teach you because if you are thirsty you go to the well the well does not come to you.

7. Addiction

Addiction is also another problem that the students are facing right now addiction could be of anything it could be drugs and alcohol it could be mobile phones apps like tiktok it could be of anything that is de tracking you away from your goal and not allowing you to give your 100% in the field of yours anything that comes to you whenever it comes to you and you lose control is known as addiction.

8. Poverty

Poverty is also a very disturbing kind of a thing that is in the world right now and the students have to face this kind of a problem because financial literacy is not there and the institutes have not taught anything like financial literacy and how to manage money that is why when the students go in the practical world they do not know how to earn money and most importantly how to handle money.

9. Homelessness

Especially when you are studying away from home the public and the resources are not that much equal that is why homelessness is there in the European countries and even in the subcontinent countries where the people do not have that much area to live and the rents are also very much high and the expenses of living in a good apartment are totally out of the range of the students that is something that is disturbing the students from outside in and inside out as well.

10. Nice syndrome

One thing that has been taught to us is that the world is kind to kind people which is definitely not true unfortunately the more kind you are the weaker you will become and the people will not value your presence in that kind of a scenario.


To conclude we can say that many of the problems that the students are facing right now cannot be addressed by the students themselves they need some financial support and the sport from back and if the teachers play a very positive role then these things can be addressed in a very positive manner because experience is everything and if you are not teaching or sharing your experience with others and the youngsters will obviously be on the back foot.

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