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10 Effects Of Tiktok On Students Academic Performance

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

Right now in today’s era the use of social media has become very common in students right now doesn’t matter if you are a student of higher education there are many social media platforms for students social media like to talk and the students use it without any measurement of time.

Tiktok is not just only common in the European countries but also very common all over the world many of the Tik Tok users addiction is there for everyone to see it’s not like that the social media networks are bad they can be used for educational research, they can be used for any kinds of a productive way many of the significant difference between the TikTok and other social media platform is that it will give you millions of reels.

10 Effects Of Tiktok On Students Academic Performance

So, now the question over here is what are the effects of TikTok on students academic performance and how we can be controlled because tik Tok app has become very addictive and the talk videos are endless over there for everyone to see.

How TikTok Affect Students?

Teachers now have to play a very important role if they think that social media videos and social videos are spoiling the time of young users and students.

If the videos are based upon educational purposes and social media app is used in a very positive manner just two cultivating human behavior in a very positive way it is very good but unfortunately our youth is getting into social media addiction very rapidly the screen time is very much higher as compared in the past doesn’t matter if you are a student of any level like, Secondary School or university level.

Many of the parents think that the poor academic permits are just because of their mobile phone and social media addiction.

Student academic performance is also decreasing because of excessive use of social media, skating on to the nerves of the parents and especially social media applications are designed in that kind of a manner that they are so addicted that they are spoiling the educational environment and the engagement of the schools and the teachers and the students.

TikTok is good if the public has control over it but many of the TikTok accounts or spoiling the study habits and it is working the content is so much that you can’t get out of yourself when you are using tik Tok and it also has a negative impact.

10 Effects of tikTok on students academic performance

1. Losing track of time

When students are using tik Tok rapidly they start to lose track of time in start keeping on wasting that time without any reason if you are using tik Tok daily without any kind of track of time without keeping a barrier without keeping a check on the screen time of yours then definitely you are getting into an addiction and addiction is very dangerous for your upcoming life in future.

Because once you are stuck in your comfort zone there is no way out and tiktok is one of the most main ingredient why the students are losing interest of a physical activity and losing track of time they don’t want to go out and spend the quality time with their family and friends.

2. Interaction with TikTok

Once you get on using tik Tok the interaction with the family members and interaction with the people is reduced and the time will come that you don’t enjoy the company of the people on the other side.

You are so much addicted to your phone and tiktok interaction is all that you want for all the day and maybe the screen time is the reason that why the people are committing suicide because the started comparing themselves the life of others and this is a very dangerous thing to have because it is the easiest way to compare yourself with others it is a very easy way to compare yourself and your upcoming future with others the people whom.

You don’t know and never meet in your lifetime but it will get on to your nerves that there will be no way out for you and you will be stuck in a loop which is very destructive.

3. Paying attention in class

The time when you are studying in class and your classroom requires your 100% attention when you are attending the lecture in your classroom but unfortunately when you are using tik Tok rapidly and without any kind of a check and balance you are also decreasing the time of attention that you want to have in your life and especially in your classroom because your classroom is the main ingredient of your future and also its rules.

If you are not paying attention to your academics and definitely you are in a spite of bother and you are putting your future your coming future in a very huge danger because at the end of the day your life is your responsibility your upcoming future is in your hands and that is your responsibility as well.

4. Discussion

All the discussions that you are going to have in your lifetime is all about TikTok the things that you watch all the things that you do on tik Tok how many followers do you have and this is the meaning ingredient and this is the main reason why the people are losing interest with books and sports because these two things were once considered very valuable once in a lifetime but unfortunately when the technology has taken over the world these things are becoming secondary right now.

5. Impact on grades

When you are not focusing on your life when you are not focusing on your goals then definitely it also impacts your academic record and especially your grades will decline you won’t be able to perform freely and with a very focused mind because at the end of the day be a human beings have an unlimited amount of energy for the whole day and with the use of that energy.

We have to do our daily work and daily lifestyle work which is important for us but if you are using your energy on the mobile phone and TikTok then definitely it will increase the chances of losing your academic record and academic performance.

6. More screen time

According to the research, the screen time of the human beings right now has increased to 70 to 75% in a day which is not a good thing because when you have more screen time your eyes get affected your mind gets affected and most importantly your health gets effective as well because when you are using mobile phone you would be able to rest properly eat properly and sleep properly and it will ultimately impact on your health.

7. Procrastination

When you are using a mobile phone you start to procrastinate and visualize yourself as a person that you are not in reality and it will also waste a lots of time because actions need to be taken if you want your dreams to become reality if you want your goes to become a reality.

If you want your upcoming life to go in the right track and go without any kind of a spite of bother then definitely we have to take some bold steps you have to take some valuable teachings and valuable lessons in your life that are going to change the whole complexion of the life of yours.

8. Physical activity

The trend of physical activity and sport is decreasing day by day unfortunately because of the screen time and ticktock uses the social media platforms are so much involved in our life that we don’t have time to focus on our health our mental health and our physical health that is why the depression and anxiety issues are also increasing in men and women rapidly.

Every year there needs to be some kind of a check and balance before it’s too late because we all know how it feels when you are health and mind is not responding properly in a proper manner and your life that’s effective dangerously not just that but also your family life gets effective.

9. Distraction

At this time tik Tok has become one of the most biggest distractions for youngsters and for the people who are college going students who are very much capable of making this world a very beautiful place to live in but unfortunately, if you are not channeling your energy in the right direction.

Then unfortunately you are missing up big time and you are asking for trouble every time that you are not giving your 110% because everybody is very much enthusiastic in their life but if you are not using that energy in opposite manner then no matter how good you are talent will always be it hard work if talent as it work hard.

10. No relationships

When there is a huge amount of time on TikTok that you are using and wasting obviously your relationships will get effective and you will regret it later on. Many people want that TikTok should be banned for youth and for students as well. So, if there is no good relationship, this will be bad for overall.


To conclude we can say that everything has a positive and negative effect of it but if you are using tik Tok in a very positive manner it is a very positive and a very educational thing that the world and nature has given you but also you have to act responsible when you are using any kind of a social media platform.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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