How To Manage Your Time On Social Media | 10 Effective ways

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

We are living in the time and age of social media and the social media is utilizing most of our time most of the youngsters do not know and even I ask many people “how to manage your time on social media” because social media management is never taught to them.

We have Heard the same everything now and then the time is money and time management is the most important thing because every time you set off the social media they are multiple social media accounts.

Who is going to get the better of your time and your energy and the output of that thing is nothing but regret your social media account should be used but it should be used to a limit.

How To Manage Your Time On Social Medi

Because many of the social media platforms are social media marketing tasks for most of the users because many of the influencers are using social media platforms for the marketing of their things and products have like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and  Instagram are the basic content consumer app in which the influencer is promoting their products just to make money out of the users.

Now question over here is how to manage your time on social media platforms.

How To Reduce Social Media Addiction?

First of all, we have to know that what is addiction means?

Something that is way beyond your limits and you cannot control the things and whatever that thing appears you don’t have any control over your mind and body and that thing decide what to do and what not to do.

Whenever that addiction comes to you definitely on the back foot and you do not know how to get out of yourself because the power of that addiction is too much higher for you to control.

Three easy steps to avoid social media addiction:

  1. Start walking
  2. Be aware of the triggers
  3. Get yourself busy

Now it is very important for you to be aware of the trigger that the social media platforms are giving you what are the triggers and what does it mean that the social media platform giving you trigger struggles be in some kind of instigation and notification when you are working on something that is very important.

For example, if you are working on your class assignment and you think and you know that your work of yours is very important but suddenly social media platforms give you ads and notifications to distract you.

And it is very important for you to get yourself busy in anything that you are doing could be anything could be your hobby or passion for you can definitely go and hit the gym to sweat out all the toxicity and the negative vibes out of your body.

Because when you are physically active your mind responds in a different manner that you can’t even imagine.

10 Tips On How To Manage Your Time On Social Media

1. Set a specific time limit

When you are using social media apps, you have to set a specific time limit that at this particular time from this particular time, I’m going to use social media.

For example, 30 minutes is a good example. when you are using social media it is a platform that is full of distractions people are describing for followers. Social platforms were used to connect people at some time but now the social media channels on YouTube are just providing cringe content and making the youth waste their time.

Social media platforms are not giving you any kind of aspect ask that can fulfill your dreams it’s all the game of followers and subscribers but sometimes these platforms benefit you for educational purposes.

The social media channels most of them are just destructing the use so you have to be very specific and very vigilant enough that how you are using and utilizing your time.

If you are wasting your time and not doing any important tasks in your life. you are definitely going to regret it. You have to analyze your time limit on social media and move the notifications when you are doing something important such as studying.

2. Have priority

Plan your day before you are using social media sites you have to make up a timetable and productize that what are the important things that you have to do in your life or in this day.

Once you are done with those things then you can use the social media platforms and see the social media post and the social media content because, at that point, you don’t have that kind of stress that your work has to be done and the social media network and the social networks is a good thing to use.

If you are using it in a time limit most of the target audience is the youth by the social media and says so you have to be very watchful when you are using any kind of social media app.

3. Create a Schedule

Create a schedule and create a timetable about the things that you want to do in life and follow the timetable with full dedication.

So that there shouldn’t be any kind of distraction that could distract you from your consistency and discipline because Consistency is important for students and without consistency, you won’t be able to achieve anything even the smallest of goals require consistency.

4. Use productivity tools

In the time and age in which we are living, yes social media platforms can kill your time and make you who’s doing nothing in life but at the very same time, many of the social media platforms and apps have provided many productivity tools that can help you stay focused and fit and in shape both medically and physically.

Definitely, you should check out those productivity tools. These tools can be used in making the most of your life and these tools may be a little bit on the Play Store or app store. Many of the social media sites are also giving many productivity tools and many of the social media channels are also promoting the tools for social media use.

5. Avoid multitasking

Basically have to concentrate on one thing at a time because multitasking is just a myth that has been given to us because we are living in a world that is full of computers and mobile phones and tablets.

So we think mobile phones and tablets can do all those things in multiple ways so that we human beings can also do that but that is definitely not the case.

Because your focus gets distracted when you are doing what it asks anyone be able to focus on either thing. but if you’re focused on one thing that is the clarification that maximum results could be achieved.

6. Mute notifications

When you are studying or doing any kind of important task of your office work or anything like that which you know is very important then when you are doing notifications and turn off the mobile phone and keep the whole phone away from you.

So it is difficult for you to access the mobile phone on the contrary if you are doing something important and your mobile phone is just placed around the corner 90% of the chances are there that you will get distracted and when the notifications will pop up.

7. Practice meditation

When you want peace of mind or when you are looking for peace of mind meditation is a good option for your mind because meditation can make you both mentally and physically relaxed.

Because in the day and the time in which we are living everybody is hustling for a good living. so you have to get some time for your mind and body so that you can work properly.

8. Set the boundaries

By setting boundaries we mean that you have to set boundaries when you are not just using the social media platform but also you have to be very regular enough to set boundaries from the toxic people.

Because the company that you are keeping can also affect your future and time limit. if you are stuck in losers you won’t be able to do anything huge and begin life and those guys are going to distract you big time.

9. Unfollow unnecessary accounts

You have to unfollow those social media platforms which you think that are toxic and not fulfilling any value in your life and especially those people who are just vlogging their life and telling you that how cool their life is.

The people draw comparisons with them and start believing that they can never be like them and they will never fulfill their dreams and never afford that kind of lifestyle that the social media influencers are living.

10. Take regular brakes

Taking regular breaks does not mean that you have to spend your time using social media platforms and sitting on your mobile phone for hours and hours and don’t doing anything by taking breaks.

We mean that you can use your time reading books and doing something extracurricular and using your time doing some physical activity that can not only get you in shape but also make you mentally more relaxed because when you are hitting the gym all doing any kind of physical activity your mind and body coordination gets in place. 

And one more thing is you should not use your mobile phones for approximately 3 hours every day.


To conclude, we can say that social media is the need of the hour and it can also add value to most of the people’s life, but it is very important for the users to use the social media platforms and limit or else their time will be wasted and there will be going nowhere in life.

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