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10 Proven Ways To Avoid Social Media Addiction

Last Updated on September 30, 2023

Time has changed with time believe it or not most people at the time are spending most of their time using social media platforms and are so involved in those platforms that they don’t have time for friends family members and relatives.

Social media was created to connect people all over the world and make the world a global village but unfortunately, things are not going in the right direction.

ways to avoid social media addiction

Things have become very destructive and out of control for this generation especially because people have lost full control of their body and mobile phone has become the total attention of the youth today.

People waste many hours more than they can even count on their fingers and even their mind which can be used for something productive and something constructive in their lives but unfortunately like I said mobile phone has become the biggest obstacle for us at this time.

Are social media good or Bad?

Now I am not saying that the use of social media is very bad and you don’t use social media but I am saying that use social media for a limited time and control the mobile phone rather it controls you and your emotions.

In my opinion, things have got very ugly since 2012 and things are drifting all over the world that the young generations have lost full control of physical activity and they don’t want to go out there to a place some physical sports rather than waste the time playing Pubg.

That’s why the gaming platform and social media platform has been increasing day by day and in numbers, I would say they have earned millions of dollars from the young generation because I love to play their favorite games of them and the gaming market is increasing day by day and developing new addictive software that the people cannot get out of.

Social media is very good when you track people but it becomes very difficult when the social media addiction controls your nerves and the social media use is beyond your limits and destroys your mental health the social media platforms or not using any kind of barriers to control the social media addiction.

Social networking addiction and the social networks that have been made by the companies are so addictive that people cannot get out of it social media is good when you are getting to know the world affairs of the country and the world but like they said.

Keep this sentence in mind “Excess of everything is bad“.

Social media apps social media usage has been destroying the mental health of the country and the people in the current time and era.

Addiction Center

The main addiction center I would say is the mobile phone and the people posting their photos and their achievements on social media really suck the youth from the outside in because they started comparing their lives, especially with the celebrities who are posting their pictures and achievements the promotions of the films, etc. Really get into the head of the youth today

Every 7 out of 10 people is a social media added Social media addiction in teenagers has become really common because of the cheap internet addiction is mounting upon our heads as mobile phone phobia is already in the youth.

Social media use and social media network are so common and easy to have on your mobile phone because of the low rates of the companies and sims.

People struggling with this excessive social media use have given many problems to the youth giving anxiety attacks depression and comparison low self-esteem is also very common in youth today because of the comparison they make.

10 ways to avoid social media addiction

These proven ways we suggest you implement in your life are very good to work to avoid social media addiction:

1. Delete the unwanted apps

The first thing first is that you delete the unwanted apps the apps that you don’t use very frequently or you have just downloaded from the Play Store or any app store just to look cool or to be in the herd of the people.

For example, most people use WhatsApp and don’t use Instagram then forgot sake please delete Instagram from your mobile phones to limit your sources of social media.

2. Have a goal

When you have a goal and aim in your life the social media anxiety attacks won’t harm you and the Facebook addiction will never come close it you because you know that you have something very very important that you don’t have time for.

3. Get physically active

When you are physically active and hitting the gym or doing anything that is very physically encouraging for you and wants you to get out on the field to do something rusty you will feel a different change. In your mind and body Facebook addiction, negative consequences, and social media delay won’t have you in that kind of a time.

4. Reading

Reading is a very good habit to have for your mental health and physical health as well because reading your perspective kills the negative feelings of the negative effect of society and the people around you.

5. Block social media notifications

We have seen this at different times that the social media notifications push us to use our mobile phones without any reason and digital devices are always around us so we cannot help it so we are forced to check our mobile phones without any reason and frequently checking the social media feed at the same time our important work is pending on the table so block the social media notifications for your better future.

6. Enjoy your family time

Basically, when you have companions and people around you you don’t have time to use social media or any social media platform when you have a strong relationship with your family. you really came to know the worth of relationships how much important are there and what is the scale of your life and time with them or without time.

7. Travel

Traveling the world can be very useful for you because when you travel the world around with some resources and companions around you basically you forget what’s going on in global affairs and what is going on in the world you enjoyed time with your friends in companions when you travel the country.

8. Turn off your phone when you are going to bed

Basically, when you have a phone around you the first thing that you do when you wake up is check out the notification and the cycle goes on and you start using social media for our without any reason and you get to know that you are becoming addicted to it in the most important assignment of yours has been delayed.

9. Set up a time limit

As I said social media all over the world is not bad it gets you to know the social affairs of the country and the world but set up a time that at this particular time from this particular time, I’m going to use social media and not going to extend the time limit at any cost.

10. Build a spiritual relationship

Believe it and what spiritual relationship can be very handy in any circumstance of life because you never know what your God has planned for you and it’s very important for you to have knowledge about the religion of yours what are the commands that you record of mighty has given you in your life.

The life hereafter and what are the principles or should I say the guiding principles which are very much needed for you to excel in your life and the life hereafter because nobody is immortal in this physical world and everybody has time to go from this world so it’s very important for you to have something in your baggage that can really release the burden.

Because when you are sitting in the grave or lying in the grave nobody will be there for your rescue in that kind of a circumstances


The conclusion of the problem is to limit your sources of social media and make sure that you have a strong goal in your life that can push you towards your destination and make you realize that you are here for something and that is one thing that you have to conquer record us of the flag what are the consequences that you are facing.

In my opinion, social media is the main cause of the pressure and anxiety attacks in the youth these days because they start appearing in their lives with other people that they haven’t seen in their real lives.

Hard work can be talented talent is work hard which is the most important code that I have seen or heard in my life. So, work harder dream bigger, and become a legend in your field.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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