10 Good Things About Tiktok

Last Updated on May 16, 2024

10 Good Things About Tiktok

We all know every social media has positive and negative effects but tik tok is a little bit different. Basically, this app (tiktok) is used for entertainment and is known as creative content, and for education for students (this article focuses On everyone, especially for students and educators).

Tiktok is so popular because of 2 billion downloads worldwide and an average user spends about 52 minutes per day on the app, TikTok has captured the attention of a diverse audience. So, the ball is in your court whether you use it or not as a student.

10 Good Things About Tiktok

Before giving the 10 good things about tiktok, the most beneficial thing about tiktok is that it gives you a piece of knowledge in less than a minute, that is the beauty of this tiktok video content. 

So we start to cover this topic without being a backseat Driver:

1. Quick Knowledge Boosts

In tiktok, a short video is like a piece of cake that gives you knowledge in less than a minute but now tiktok has to change its algorithm and increase its video duration but no doubt this is the best social media platform that gives you a piece of knowledge in just a minute.

From the creator’s point of view, many students waste their time, but if we advise all our students that they should gain knowledge or upload educational and knowledgeable content, especially tiktok use is beneficial. 

This app has a +90% satisfaction rate among students of all levels but the drawback of this app is student waste their time on it.

2. Diverse Content

Tiktok video Content is like a complete library in the form of video in your pocket where the user can find their interest-based content easily. Almost all the social networks have such algorithms when user retention increases in any video, they again show the same related videos. 

When you see educational purposes content, the tiktok algorithm works according to it. So, creators, users, and tiktok themselves easily send the video to their target audience. 

You might think that all social media platforms have algorithms but why we prefer tiktok is because this app gives extra benefit in less time and all other platforms have long durations that are very boring for some users.

3. Inspiring Creativity

If you are a student or a teacher and you want to make yourself a big star, then you make a video and upload it on every platform like tiktok, this will improve your creativity in a very easy way. 

Every creative mind has some hidden inspiration. So, make yourself a brand today like a blue moon and start to struggle for your future to get big success.

4. Empowering Small Businesses

Many students know how difficult it is to manage their finances when they are responsible for their house. This is the pro tip for our reader is that you should run a small business online to maintain your education circle and run your kitchen income easily. Now this is possible with the help of tik tok because tik tok itself help us to make videos to get money or start e-commerce to earn money and make ourselves financially stable.

Now in the future, tiktok marketing will become the biggest marketplace in the world and give competition to Amazon because of its popularity and amazing results.

So, this app is a game changer to start your business and make it up as you can.

5. Real-Time Trends

Nowadays many platforms are updated like Google, YouTube, etc, but now tiktok is also working on trends to see the latest happening.

There are many tools like Google Trends, you should use to find the latest happening but with TikTok trends, it is very easy for students or anyone to see the latest happening. You just open the app and you see that 85% of videos are based on the latest happening. For students, you can easily watch what everyone is talking about from study-related or anything else. 

6. Educational Tutorials

In the field of education, many videos in every field no matter what program you start or what program you get knowledge from, are available on tiktok. In tiktok, you can easily get knowledge in the short form video, this is the biggest TikTok popularity.

No matter if you want to learn algebra and want to learn any language, tiktok videos provide the trickiest concepts that are easily understood and more approachable. 

We know tiktok has many negative effects, and this is true and that is the result of many places where tiktok is banned but if you are loyal to your work, this is the personal tutor at your fingertips, ready to guide you through any topic.

7. Motivational Content

From my personal experience, I see a lot of videos regarding motivation. Motivation is the basic need to do anything big and you know if you are not motivated, you never access the taste of success. 

The beauty of tiktok is that you see such videos no matter whether you are in school, college, or university that encourage users of all ages.

So, we recommend you see the motivational video and save it to the device for all-time reminders.

8. Book Recommendations

I use the tiktok app because I read books with the help of tiktok. If you search on tiktok related to book recommendations, there are a lot of books, especially for a young person, you can easily find their tiktok account and make yourself followers to see the books that are very beneficial for all of us.

If you get such books with pros and cons on tiktok and want to read them, Without you buying them you can easily find millions of books on Google in the form of PDF for free. This is the most positive effect of tiktok that we discuss with you in this content.

9. Inspires Lifelong Learning

Our mind always forces on to delay every good moment and feel good in our comfort zone to make us happy, but this force we all know is not good for anyone who wants success. Many people procrastinate their every decision because their inspiration is gone. Some tiktok videos have lessons on how to inspire lifelong. 

Every strong mindset has inspiration and a mindset where learning is not a task but a continuous adventure. Every time you open the app, you explore the knowledge and creativity to make learning an exciting journey for every student, no matter the age or grade.

So, this is the good thing about tiktok: you easily inspire yourself in the form of short videos.

10. Highlight Learning Milestones

Think about the tiktok video, you convert academic struggle into a celebration! You should see the big successful people’s strategy on how they strengthen their mindset, how they face their difficult times, and how they achieve success using milestones. So this becomes easy when you like such videos and the tiktok algorithm shows the same video you like and watch most!

Seeking knowledge about grades is not education but seeking knowledge and building personal growth and shared achievement with another person is the education you should focus on. So, it is the platform where you get success easily and learn knowledge about how to be a good person and how to give your best to others no matter who the person is because we should focus on all levels of person.

10 good things about tiktok with infographic


In conclusion, tiktok is an app that gives short educational videos and now YouTube short and many other social platforms have introduced short videos because they are more engaging, and people like short so much. 

If you are interested in tiktok, please our advice for u is please keep focus on hobbies as your priority. if you select the garbage content, tiktok gives you it accordingly but if you select the hobbies like motivation and education content, your tiktok will same as you select the hobbies. 

This is the proof that when you work on tiktok, as we say in the above content, you easily understand how to use it and how to get benefits from this app.

Have you found TikTok to be a valuable tool in your educational journey? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let’s continue this conversation on the exciting intersection of education and creativity!

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