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Last Updated on December 22, 2023

At this very time, education is the most important thing that everybody wants to have and wants to get admission to one of the best universities. According to my perspective, Madinah University is one of the best universities, and getting admission to Madinah University demands a high amount of hard dedication and determination students Getting admission to Madina University on the basis of admission in Madinah university can be very lethal and hectic for students.

For most of the people in Saudi Arabia who are studying and want to be successful in their respective fields of life, their first choice is to get admission to Madinah University because it has every saying every program has been there and they are giving scholarships to hardworking students and hard deserving students.

Now in this time in age education is very expensive and time-consuming Most parents cannot afford to get admission to Madinah University or any university but the dedication and determination of students and parents can get their child into this university.

Madinah University is an Islamic University that has been important education of Islam and Saudi Arabia for more than 60 years and 170 countries have included Students in this Islamic University. The basic and the most important mission of this country is doing part of the education of Islam and the living of the holy prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam it has millions of students more than 70 to 75% of students are regular in this university.

admission in madinah university

The great and the most mindful part of the institute is that the people and students who are outside of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia how much higher chances to go into higher education and study at a higher level in the institute.

As I have mentioned earlier that it has a much higher chance for international students to study hard and make a name for themselves.

What Are The Financial Benefits?

  • Monthly stipend
  • 2 monthly allowances for accessories are also been given to the students.
  • one monthly allowance for textbooks has also been provided by this great institute of Saudi Arabia and the extension can be extended for one month.
  • a discount economic class ticket has also been given to the students who have been traveling abroad in the last year of this institute.
  • Free transportation.
  • Free medical services have been provided to the students if an unfortunate incident happens and the students get injured. Students are very mistake in any institute and they want to be good at sports as well so sometimes a mishap happens and the student gets injured or anything can go wrong so, in that case, the free medical services are always provided to the students for the health and care.
  • By nature, we Muslims are very close to Saudi Arabia and Madinah because of the Khanna Kaaba and profit piece be upon him Islamic studies have put up a huge impact and this Islamic University is doing the same by giving Madinah scholarships to the students most of the scholarships are fully funded scholarships.
  • The international students are fully welcome with all of the love and support that they want to have the Arabic language is being promoted in this institute Madinah International University is one of the finalist universities in the world, therefore. Undergraduate scholarships is also been provided by the institute and the administration of this Islamic University. Islamic science has also given students the desire of most students all over the world is there to get admission to this fantastic University Ph.D.
  • Scholarships have been provided to hard-working and reserved students the accepted students are not those who are very rich and wealthy but you have to break and be on the merit list student should permit documents on time the knowledge of the Quran and sunnah have an important in this education the thing is that the universities are very close to the prophet mosque it is journal certified by the government king of Saudi Arabia has played his part in making this institute academic year can be one of the most remaining years of the students in this institute.

Main courses

There are two main Track at Madinah University: 

  1. Theoretical Track
  2. Scientific Track

1. Theoretical Track (Madinah University courses)

  • Shariya Islamic laws for 4 years 
  • Dawah (Islamic call and Theology)
  • Nobel Quran and noble hadees
  • Theory of the Arabic language is also been given in this institute
  • Islamic law has also been taken into consideration.

2. Scientific Track 

If you get admission to the scientific track, you must be passed the preparatory exam, and allocation is done According to G.P.A

  • Faculty of Engineering ( 5 Years )
  • Faculty of Computer 
  • Faculty of Science 

How To Get Admission To Madinah University

Note: Now everything has changed in 2024, First of all, you register on this studyinsaudi. then you are able to send admission to any top 3 universities you want.

  1. By giving an application through an login online portal.
  2. By participating in the Arabic language exam those students who have a very strong command of the Arabic language can also import into the Arabic language examination which is going to be held in this institute.
  3. The student must have a higher secondary education or equivalent to the higher secondary education the student should be well mannered the student should not be a citizen of Saudi Arabia
  4. The student should be medically fit and the student should not have expired from the institute due to violation of the discipline the student should not have any scholarship from Saudi Arabia or any other institute in the country.
  5. In order to get admission to the Quran college the student must memorize the Holy Quran the student shouldn’t be less than 17 or more than 25.
  6. It is necessary that all the information and all the documents of the students should be well in test and undertaker by the institute and if any violation has been done over the documents the student and admission of the student will be canceled by the institute and administration of the University of Saudi Arabia.


Last but not least we are going to break into the most important thing that is mostly ignored by the students and the parents of the students which is the reality check that millions of people from all over the world compete in the examinations to get admission and they want to enroll in this fantastic University admission is not going to be easy for anyone not even for the top students.

So what can a person do after he has done his hard work he has played his part and his burn is midnight oil and prepared for the examinations and his hope that he is going to get the admission but somehow if he doesn’t he can come back strong and preparing for the examinations because it’s never too late.

After you have done your hard work and you think that you are fully prepared for the institution to pick you up don’t forget your God mighty Allah and your prayers ask for the god Almighty Allah to help you in these kinds of circumstances because you cannot just be successful on your own without the initial push of your creator that’s the most important fact of this world and universe.

Nobody is self-made by any proportion claims that he is a self-made man is probably lying and is lying from the heart, because it’s the hadees of the holy prophet peace, be upon him that you cannot be successful if the whole world wants you to be successful and you cannot fail if the whole world wants you to fail but if Allah wants you to be successful nobody can stop you.

I think that is more than enough to understand the worth of your prayers and the connection between you and your creator is very important to get academic success social success or any kind of success that you want to have in your life. So the conclusion to this problem will be going to be that don’t forget your God Amity and respect the precautions of the university that the University has been mentioned above.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is University of Madinah Free?

Answer: Yes, Madinah University in Saudi Arabia provides free education to all its students including international students. The university covers the cost of tuition, accommodation, and books for all of its students and offers additional financial rewards for outstanding achievement, however, students are responsible for their own living expenses, such as food and personal expenses. Additionally, admission to the university is competitive and based on academic merit and a rigorous application process.

Q2: Is Admission in Madinah university Only For Men?

Answer: Yes, the Islamic University of Madinah is currently only for men. The university was established in 1961 as a male institution. However, there are plans to establish a separate branch of the university for women in the near future. Meanwhile, women can go to other universities in Saudi Arabia or study abroad.

Q3: What is the University of Madinah acceptance rate?

Answer: The acceptance rate for the University of Madinah is not publicly disclosed. Some say the acceptance rate is 35 and some say 20. However, admission to the university is highly competitive and based on academic merit and a rigorous application process.

Prospective students must meet certain Madinah university requirements, such as being a Muslim male, holding a high school degree or equivalent, and passing entrance exams in Arabic and Islamic studies. The university receives a large number of applications each year from all over the world, and only a small percentage of applicants are accepted.

Q4: Do you need to know Arabic to go to Madinah University Admission?

Answer: No, but if you know and speak Arabic well. You can go to any college without taking a 2-year Arabic course.

Q5: What is the age limit For the Islamic University Of Madinah?

Answer: Madinah University age limit for the Islamic University of Madinah is 25.

Comment Below if you have any questions.

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