10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

What will happen when you increase a teacher’s salary, they will let go of the fare of the basic needs and they will work in the school, especially in the high School.

Teaching career is a very risky job at this time because the expectations of the family are very much higher.

Reasons why teachers should be paid more

Here we are going to discuss 10 reasons why teachers should be paid more salary.

We all know that teachers are the building block of a nation, and teacher needs to be paid more, the pay of the teacher is very low especially in public school.

The public school teacher cannot fulfill the basic needs unfortunately the National Education Association is not paying heed to the problems that teacher is having.

Why Teachers Are So Important?

Teachers are very important in your life because they give you criteria, they give you the teaching of right and wrong, they tell you what is the path of your strength and weak this is what are the things that you need to do basically, they are Nation builders who gave the destination to the youth of the country who built up the character of the youngsters and make them a responsible citizen.

How Important Are Teacher Salaries To Their Job Satisfaction?

Actually, it is very important because salary means better resources, better facilities for your family and if the teacher cannot cope up with the basic needs of the life and family he will be staying in stressed all the time and which will affect the method of teaching office and also affect the environment of the class which is not good for the teacher and for the students.

10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More:

1. Teachers are quitting

Because of the low standard of salaries, the teachers are quitting their job in a rapid way it is very disappointing because the schools are lacking of teachers because the teachers do not want to come forward and study and make the students study for any kind of a competitive examination for get the competitive examination not in the regular class.

The teachers do not want to make the student study or want to teach them in any way possible because of the Lost standards of the salary and school.

2. No extra payment

In some kind of situations and scenarios and circumstances, we have seen in the schools and institutes that extra classes are given to the students and the teachers are giving their full efforts to give the extra classes to the students but no extra payment is given to them which is very disappointing for the teachers and for the family.

They compromise their personal life for their professional lives, but still, they are not meeting the expenses of the daily life of there’s as a result what happens the students and the teachers do not come on the same page and the teachers quit their jobs.

3. No payment for doing school work at home

At times what happens with the homework and the class work is too much for the teachers to check on a daily basis what do they do they take the copies of the students to their homes and start checking the copies and test in the houses.

What happens is that family time gets disturbed the family attention gets disturbed and no extra payment is given to the teachers for this kind of hard work and sacrifice which state made on a very regular basis a sacrifice of their professional and personal life at the very same time.

4. Teachers are like mothers

There is no question that the female teachers are like mothers be treat you like a mother, they guide you this support you they cherish every moment of your success but what happens when you are not giving them the basic needs and the requirements which are very responsible teacher needs what happens they get disappointed, they do not enjoy their professional life.

They do not enjoy their job they do not enjoy working for the respective institute and they get fed up and the lose, interest and they lose their job what happens is the nation gets behind as compared to the other Nations.

5. No financial freedom

Low salary means no financial freedom to the teachers and to their families because when you are working you have adopted the profession and if you want to do something in that profession obviously you want to have financial freedom for yourself and for your family.

At times will come when you are responsible for your family and you are responsible to meet the needs and the basic necessities of your family and if you are unable to do that especially as a man, you won’t be considered as responsible as successful as you want to be in your life.

6. Not being able to meet the basic needs

When the salaries are low the teachers would be able to meet the basic needs of their life the basic necessity is the basic necessity is like food clothes and water and shelter which are the most common needs and the basic survival needs for any kind of human being who is living in this world.

If you aren’t able to cope up with that if you can’t meet those expenses then definitely you will struggle in your day-to-day life, anyway struggle with the basic expenses is not a good sign for any kind of human being because he will be in a huge amount of stress he won’t be able to cope up with that.

7. Looks like a slavery

If financial Independence is not given to you, unfortunately, your profession looks like a slavery in which you are wearing all the first and trouble that is given to you by your bosses and buy your seniors and if you are not paying the attention then you will definitely be fired but unfortunately if the institute is not paying attention to your basic responsibilities and needs then definitely you will be living your life in a huge amount of stress.

Because slavery is not accepted in any way possible it can be financial it can be mental it could be anything that is happening in your life if you are not given a huge salary you will be in a state of tension and depression.

8. No benefits for annual day events

Whenever a national day or actual day comes or annual day comes in the institutes no benefit is given to the students and the teachers as well they both sit their clap for the audience and clap for the seniors and that all increases the stress in their mind it is very important for the institutes to increase the salary of teachers.

9. Strick working conditions

Unfortunately in the subcontinent it is very common that strict working conditions are given to the students and teachers strict working conditions are also given to the teachers you have to work from 9 to 5.

Most all the time the teachers do that we can work and take tuition classes for the students just to prepare for the final examination just to make the results better for the students and teachers what happens is they won’t be able to cope up with their personal life and their personal life can get disturbed.

10. It is not easy to cope with the toddlers

If you have ever given tuition or classes to the toddlers, you will be able to relate with that it is not easy to cope up with the toddlers because they are new in this world, there new in this life and they will not know the basic mannerisms of life how to deal with life? how do eat? how do sleep? how to drink you have to teach them from the scratch? and it is very disappointing sometimes when the toddler is not coping up with you and a times it gets frustrated.


To conclude we can say that money is a basic necessity of life you need money to make sure that your life runs smoothly and a very smooth crack you need to have and a decent amount of financial freedom in your life if you want to have the best necessities of life such as health freedom and shelter.

It’s very important for the institutes to give race to the teachers salary so that they can work with financial freedom.

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