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Are you a blogger or writer looking for a new platform to share your work? Look no further! Our website is currently accepting submissions for blog posts and articles, and this opportunity is for those who provide a guest post, and for those who want a link insertion.

To submit your work, please follow these guidelines to submit a successful Guest post:

  • Your post should use informational keywords Title that are eye catching, well-written, informative, and engaging.
  • Posts should be between 850 and 1500 words.
  • Include subheadings to break up the text and make it more readable.
  • No plagiarism
  • The article should be authentic and real in your own words.
  • Your post should be original and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Use images that are copyright-free and videos to enhance the visual appeal of your post.

Please note: We will review your submission and get back to your response as soon as possible. We look forward to reading your work! So, by submitting your work, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which include giving us the rights to publish your post on our website.

What to write

Write a proposal if somebody wants to write a blog on my website about the Education category, Or you can write any topic according to these categories.

  • The writer will be responsible for researching and writing articles and provide valuable response to the user about trending topics in educations latest news, how-to % tips, Education finance, spiritual education, science students, AI education, Etc
  • Strong writing skills and attention to detail.
  • If you are interested in this opportunity, please provide a writing sample and your qualifications. 
  • To ensure that your work is original, always do your own research and writing. If you do use any sources, be sure to properly cite them in your work. You can also use plagiarism checker tools to scan your work and identify any potential issues.

Guest post Backlink

If you want a backlink for our site. you attach only 1 backlink in your article. Our backlink is the very power that gives you a lot of traffic to your site and also increases your domain rating.

Best Writer Reward

If your post brings traffic to our website and at least 50 posts bring traffic to our website and provide users value, our team will add you to the Star Writer.
And after 50 posts you will be able to post a guest for us without a fee and it is also possible that our team will choose you as a Contributor.

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This is the way to contact us for a Guest Post ( to the UniverseCover team.

Thank you for your interest in writing for our website. If you have any other questions regarding guest posts feel free to email us.