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How To Increase Motivation In Students In Classroom?

Last Updated on September 30, 2023

Increasing motivation is very much important in doing anything in life if you have a huge goal that you want to make a reality at any cost basically you need motivation for that. That this is the goal, I want to make a reality to provide the best strategy to increase motivation in students. If teachers implement golden rules in a classroom for students, then student success and motivation increase.

5 Best Tips to increase Motivation in Students

We are not going to talk about some hollow kind of motivation that does not work in the real world and it is just on a supervision level no in general we are not going to talk about that kind of motivation we are just going to talk about the motivation that really works in any aspect of life.

Basically, there are two types of motivation

  • The motivation is from outside in
  • The motivation is from the inside out

What is the basic difference between these two we are going to explain that.

Motivation is from outside in

A type of motivation that is from outside in is a typical type of motivation that does not work and is sustained in the long term of life when it comes to making those dreams into reality because this type of motivation works when you see something and you want to be that.

For example, you saw a cricketer playing cricket and you want to become a cricketer the next morning it does not work like that you have a dream you have to burn your midnight oil to make it a reality.

Motivation is from the inside out

The second type of motivation is from the inside out which is real-time motivation because it tells the story of how badly you want that goal that you working on and that is your basic criteria to live on and you cannot live without that goal.

For example, you work 6 years to become an IT specialist, and you work day and night for that you have to sacrifice meetings and Greece with friends and all the party culture just to make that go to your reality and you work towards it.

It is very clear now that the second type of motivation is very sustainable and practical instance because it works on a different word and there are no doubts in the mind of the person who is implementing that second type of motivation that man he wants to make this goal turn into a reality this at any cost and there is nothing that can stop him to do so.

There are many books on motivation how you have to motivate yourself towards your goal how to increase motivation in students and what the basic criteria you need to have to turn your goal into reality are. The practical steps are always there in somewhere in this non-practical life and world where people are just daydreaming about their goals and jobs.

Here are the basic best tips to increase motivation in students to study or to do anything in life beyond their limits.

5 Best Tips to Increase Motivation in Students

5 tips to increase motivation in students

1. Have a goal

It is very obvious that nothing can motivate you more than your goal. Practical Goal wishes you have in your mind for hours increase motivation in students directly from a goal according to research people who have a goal in mind are stress-free and more motivated than people who are not calculated about their goal.

2. Work on the flaws of students

We have to believe that nobody’s perfect learning is the basic criterion to be motivated in life. motivation directly comes from learning when you are learning new things and motivating students, especially in high school when the peak of zeal is there when the students want to conquer the world.

So it’s very important for the teachers that they work on the floors of the students and guide them towards the destination and do not be judgmental if they make any confirmed mistake.

If a student is not good at writing it’s very important for the teacher to work on his writing and make sure that the student is improving on a daily basis even if is one percent of improvement the improvement should be there and all come from the student and teacher’s cooperation.

3. Build a strong connection

Communication is very important at any point of time in any relationship that you are having but when it comes to our teacher’s student relationship the responsibility comes, even more, higher and huge on both of the individuals that they have a strong connection between the two that nobody can rip them apart.

If a student is struggling in their academics and has any kind of doubt which is related to their studies and distress that has been mounting him or even if house there should be a strong connection between the teacher and the student that the student can come anytime to discuss the matter which is bothering the student…

4. Guide them to handle failures

At this time everybody is feared of calling him a loser and becoming a nobody for the rest of the population and nobody will give him the respect that is one demon that everybody has in her mind that he doesn’t want to be dragged by the wall and nobody wants to be my friend and respect me that is haunting the people from the word go so to do that it is very important for the teachers to guide the students how to handle failures and if a failure occurs how to deal with it.

Whether you leave it or not tomato what are you doing no matter how would you are never how resourceful and prepared you are going to face failure there is not even a single buddy in this world who hasn’t had a failure the bigger the failure is the biggest success of that individual is that is the basic criteria of getting success in this life.

If a student has faced a failure in an examination or in a class test it is very important for the teacher not to be firing hot words on him and hard words at him that canteen the confidence of the students with standing in front of him the bigger the stage the bigger than responsibility is that the cause the more resourceful you are the more responsible you have to become in your words.

Whether you believe it or not your words and your tongue can make or break the life of the person who stands in front of you so, especially for the teachers it is very important to choose their words wisely so as not to break the confidence or shutter the confidence of the student who has faced failure.

5. Don’t force them to choose a subject

Last but not least the most important thing that has to be mentioned is that the parents and the teachers are forcing the student to go with the flow and look at the trends and what are the people doing you have to prove that it is very big and disappointing to have in someone’s life that you are studying those things and doing that kind of job which you really don’t want to the people definitely get frustrated on the motivation gets vanished.

There is a trend of becoming an engineer and the parents and the teachers are forcing the students to go with the trend and follow the trend blindly without knowing their water the strength of the person and the student I he wants to be a cricketer at he wants to be a judge or whatever listen to the students and then decide what are the basic needs of that profession that you are forcing him to opt.


To conclude we can only say that motivation comes from the things that you love to do and the things that you want to do in life you should have a strong goal and should not listen to any kind of a trend that has been followed by the majority of the people listen to your heart and Excel towards you destination regardless of the consequences that you are facing.

Students are the future of the nation and the nation should be in good hands to do so you have to guide that future towards a track and destination where he wants to head. There shouldn’t be any kind of resistance that is pulling the student away from his goal. Do not try to force the student to choose a basic stream in which she has no interest.

Motivation definitely comes from inside a body will get more motivated when it is doing something it loves to do and there is no alarm clock at that man why this is happening etc. in these kinds of lay excuses or vanish when you are doing something you love and you want to do for the whole life that you can sacrifice your life for that. That is the difference between a winner and a loser that’s it and that’s all.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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