10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Responsible For Students Failure

Last Updated on April 13, 2024

All teachers are really responsible for the students failure If yes then we are going to discuss 10 reasons why teachers are responsible for students failure and what we can do to degrade the failure of the students and how we can work as a team both teachers and student in a very friendly manner.

10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Responsible For Students Failure

Student success does not depend upon only on the teacher but also depend upon student performance because if the student is not working 100 and performing well in the classroom or in the higher education there is no chance of any student achievement and unfortunately these things are happening in our society where student learning is lacking and public education is also lacking.

Why Do Teachers Pass Failing Students?

At times we have seen that the teachers give Grace marks to the students so that they can pass the examination what happens is that these people do not learn from these mistakes and take it very easy and for granted for the upcoming life and what happens that Nations suffers all over the world because if its relevant and illegal people will be on charge the definitely the nation will collapse.

What Is A Common Mistake That Teachers Make?

The first common mistake is the lack of communication unfortunately the teachers are not coming to the level of the people who are struggling in the academics especially the young generation so the teachers have to let go there egos and work accordingly.

2nd mistake is to demotivate the students if somebody fails in the examination the teacher does not take it as a lesson neither does the student the teacher tries to attack the student personally in for the whole class which demonizes the student’s confidence.

10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Responsible For Students Failure:

skill vs school teacher should teach skill

1. Being rude

At times unfortunately, in the subcontinent, we have seen that the teachers become very rude to the students on one mistake and the drag the mistake all over the world and make sure the teacher is on top of the world and the student is on the knees.

2. Ineffective teaching method

Most of the teaching methods right now are very much ineffective because they do not know what to do to the students in particular they do not know their strengths and weaknesses and the things that you need to work on the student both students in teachers need to work as a team if you want to go successful in their particular life.

3. Poor classroom management

The management of the classroom depends upon the teachers it totally depends upon the teachers shoulders and there is no question about it if the environment of the classroom is not friendly the students will never learn anything new and the teacher is not approachable from the first second and unfortunately there will be a communication gap there will be a barrier between the two

4. Insufficient sources

Right now, most of the things in the materials that technology or other things are a very good source of knowledge and information but unfortunately they can be used as a distraction as well and fortunately these things are being used as a distraction by the young use and the young generation of our society which is not good for their future and upcoming life because if you are wasting your time for no good reason then definitely you are inviting destruction in your life.

5. Neglecting individual needs

Unfortunately, right now the teachers are not focusing on the individual in their focusing on the results they want to get 90% 80% out of the students and that’s all they do not care about the mental health of the students.

They will not care about the physical health of the students all the care about is the percentage and the mark sheet the reputation of the school and their operation of the university thats all that they want from the student.

6. Failure to provide timely feedback

Instructions in feedback are very much essential especially when they are coming from a teachers point of you!

Teachers who do not provide timely feedback are the main reason for the students destruction and Students cannot work on his or her failures which causes destruction in his life and he won’t be able to be successful as a result the students fail in huge numbers.

7. Limited communication with the parents

Teacher and parents communication is also very important at times because it’s the parents to know their son and the teachers who know the student in particular in the class.

So they need to work at the time to get to know the student in a very friendly way and if the communication gap is between the two then definitely the student will suffer for upcoming life because both of the individuals need to work as a team. For the student and if the parents and teachers are not working in a very friendly way then definitely the destruction will be caused.

8. Lack of personal connection

Building up a good relationship with your son and is very crucial yes it can be challenging for the students and teachers because they both have their own personal life but somebody has to lean towards the student either the student leans towards the teacher or the teacher leans towards the student for the better relationship and for the betterment of the result because if they don’t the stores will fail in huge numbers.

9. Lack of differentiation

Failing to adapt different teaching strategies is one of the most important reasons for the failure of the student it’s very important for the teachers to know their learning ability is any abilities are not on the mark or up to the mark they definitely you have to do something about it for the betterment of the future of the students and for your postal benefit as well because it the student is successful you will be considered as a very good successful teacher as well.

10. No encouragement for the students

Teacher, it is your responsibility to motivate the students no matter what if he fails in a test if he fails in an examination it’s your responsibility to get him back together motivate him and make sure that you do not lose hope it’s your responsibility to push the student towards their goal and destination before it’s too late because our young generation is losing for because there is no one there to support them it is your responsibility to support them.


To conclude we can say that teachers student relationship is very important and if the relationship gets crushed and if it is not in the same direction over on the same page then definitely the student will suffer and the future will be in the question because the both have to work as a team in order to make the students successful in their practical life. The students need to be approached and the teachers should be approachable for the students.

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