How To Improve Academic Performance Of Weak Students

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

How To Improve Academic Performance Of Weak Students

To perform well in an academic record is very important for every student and this is their major goal especially if you are a weak student and want to work to improve with academically weak students who have strong and the academic performance is not that much up and fluctuating all over the place, so the question over here is how to improve academic performance of weak students if you are a teacher you should tell this following content for those students.  

Students In any case not everybody is God-gifted. some people are very fast learners and quick learners but some students are slow learners and they take the time to perform well in their academic records and believe this type of student who is not intelligent but works hard will have a bright future.

If you want to increase student performance keep these tips in mind also how can a weak student improve performance? you should focus if you want to be successful as a teacher and if you want to increase the academic record of the student.

How Do You Motivate Weak Students?

Remember, you should always think about students mind level to observe what they want and what they think about themselves because this is compulsory for teachers that if a student does not want to struggle for his future then he definitely they are weak and you as a teacher are not able to motivate it. 

So, if you examine a bit about student interest and such students who want to learn and want to succeed, then you motivate them with the help and give an example of a successful person. When you successfully deliver your knowledge, the students motivate themselves and struggle for their upcoming future.

What Are The Characteristics Of Slow Learners?

If you want to remove your bad habits and become great in any field no whether business, in the field of education, or anything else, you should avoid these 5 characteristics that are not good for your future:

  1. Slow learners waste more time which causes delays in their Progress and also causes more time for academic milestones.
  2. Slow learners are slow physically and mentally, this provides a lot of difficulties to take the overall concept.
  3. They are not able to tackle their problem effectively.
  4. Many weak students procrastinate in their work.
  5. Slow learners do not take their teacher advice seriously.

15 Tips How To Improve Academic Performance Of Weak Students

We all know that every student wants success in academia. so, we give you the best 15 tips on how to improve weak students in class:

1. Give attention to the student

The main reason for the poor academic performance of students is that the teacher is not giving them the necessary attention which is a very important skill for a teacher to have because if you don’t know that this man or this person is weak in this particular subject you can never fix the problem.

But if you talk about the other side of the coin learning is the process and the thing that has to go on till your last breath doesn’t matter if you are in the class or you are in life improvement is always there because perfection is just a delusion in this life.

2. In courage the student

Giving confidence and encouragement to the student is a very important teaching method that gives strength to the student to do more and push beyond his limits doesn’t matter if you are in a school or giving higher education.

If you are working with struggling students this method can increase the confidence level of the student and your goal of academic achievement can be conquered by yourself.

3. Identify the strength

As a teacher is very important for you to understand the strengths of your students and encourage the students to polish their strengths because everybody has a plus point and a weak point as well so you have to work on your last points.

Therefore nobody can match the skill and the impact of your strength because if you are a student who speaks very good English and speaks fluently you have to polish your strength so that when you are giving any kind of presentation you don’t feel hesitant to face the crowd or the general public.

If you are a student who has very good handwriting or is very good in exam preparation you have to become a good learner and more on your that stunt as well because increases not just your influence on the class but it is also a very good personal development for the student.

4. Set goals

As a person and as a teacher it is very important for you to set goals for your students and make learning strategies but at the very same time constructed system is also very important for average students.

You have to keep these factors in mind and give your own kind of learning style to your students in your academic activities.

Because academic skill is not just about getting good grades and good marks in school motivation is also required and can also create a very good significant impact in the life of your student you should have academic goals because teaching skills is not just about cramming a subject you have to make up a strategy to get good grades.

5. Give feedback

It’s very important for the teachers to give feedback to the student and make career goals and should not be that kind of rigid in their approach and follow the trend that if somebody is providing these kinds of notes you have to do the same no everybody is different everybody has their own mentality and mindset to pursue things.

6. Classroom management

Classroom management is also very important in your strategy you have to make strategies to manage the classroom because if there is no law and order forget good grades you are not going to see the problem and level lecture in the first place.

Because if there is going to be noise and noise pollution in your class and everybody is all over the place it is very obvious that you won’t be able to deliver the lecture and people and the students sitting in your classroom won’t be able to listen to you very clearly and effectively.

7. Work on the basics

Most of the students and the teachers forget this technique is to work on the basics because basic is very important in everything and anything that you do in life not just in academics and schools. if you are not good at basics how can you go to the advanced level and be a master in that so it is very important for the teachers and the students to work on the basics in a proper way to get the maximum results in the academics.

8. Practice

We have heard that practice makes the man perfect which is very true in every field of life because if you are practicing you working on yourself and improving yourself even if it is one percent or 10% of your lifetime doesn’t matter the improvement should be there and you have to improve our person and another student as well.

Because if you are practicing on your flaws of yours you are getting better as a student and as a person as well at the very same time and if you have a teacher who is going to be supportive and behind your back, that is a plus point for us a student because you have a mentor there.

8. Use  technology

We all know that we are living in a global village and everybody is using technology to the best office and wants to use technology for the betterment of mankind and the world as well so if you are a student or a teacher who is living in this time in age why don’t you use technology for the betterment of the students and the betterment of his academic record.

Because of the amount of knowledge and lectures that are provided by YouTube and the internet platform you can’t even imagine what kind of knowledge they are giving you in a split second.

9. Celebrate the success of student

If you are a student who has achieved something in his academic record and has passed the test or achieved good grades in any mid-examination or any small test it is very important for you as a teacher to celebrate that success to the fullest because if a student succeeds in something it is the success of his teacher as well.

10. Communicate with the student

As a teacher, it is very important for you that you communicate with the student and ask him if is there anything that you can do to improve his grades and academic record and what is something that is bothering him regardless you are a teacher you have to become a friend of your student that they are not hesitating to come at you and ask and discuss their problem regarding life and regarding education as well.

11. Ask about the interests of the student

There are many fields in life that people are following but it is very important for you to understand what the required fields of your student because you believe it or not if you are pushing someone towards something that is not the guarantee office success and he won’t be able to get good marks and his confidence level will break into two pieces.

So you have to maintain a check and balance and give attention to the students to increase the student performance and work on the class assignments teachers should also make a class schedule for the students to follow.

12. Don’t get personal with the students

There is no need to get personal with the students if they are not performing in their academics your teacher and issue no your responsibility to the fullest that you have to make and polish the student because if he was that good he won’t become an average student so you have to work on that student to the max of your abilities.

13. Consult with the parents

As a teacher, it is very important for you to collect data as much as possible so it’s very important for you to consult with the parents of that student that what are the things that you need to improve to make the student better with grades.

14. Failure is part of the success 

The student has failed to improve or has not performed well in his class test or examinations you don’t have to get personal and lose your cool and that particular moment because nobody’s perfect.

If a student is crawling and walking for the first time, yes he is going to fail in that but you have to encourage and support him.

15. Have patience

It is human nature that everybody wants to have quick success In life which is totally a myth so you have to be very patience enough and allow things to change gradually great things take time so you have to be very commonly composed at the very same time. So, teachers should teach patience to their students.


To conclude we can say that students are the future of the nation and teachers can make any average student into a brilliant student with communication and concentration if you are very serious about the future of that student you have to work really hard to achieve success and to make an average student into a brilliant student.

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