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5 Pros and Cons of ChatGPT For Students

Last Updated on November 30, 2023

We are living in a world of technology and everybody wants to have fast knowledge about the world. So, in this article, we describe the pros and cons of chat gpt in education and Google benefits for students as well. 

Chatgpt for students has many pros and cons and when they know the benefits of chatgpt and drawbacks of chatgpt, obviously their knowing provides extra good results.

Many of the artificial intelligence programs have been shut down but have been crossover by these two platforms because of the kind of platforms that these are giving to the youth and especially to the people who don’t have much time to search and research on a regular basis. 

5 Pros and Cons of ChatGPT For Students

Note: In the last Before the Conclusion we will give you which is the best and the winner for Google vs Chatgpt.

What is GPT?

Chat GPT is basically an AI model algorithm that can be used for various purposes and can also save your time when you are researching a document are doing something that is very time-consuming and very important to us but at the very same time, it has some benefits and disadvantage at the very same time like everything else in this world.

Now we explain below in detail about “pros and cons of Chatgpt in education” 

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Pros of chat GPT

1. Available all-day

Chat GPT is available 24/7 on your mobile phone on a laptop or on a desktop doesn’t matter what kind of time you are in you have to just log in to the site and platform. You will be able to do the research work that you want to have the knowledge that you want to get nobody is going to stop you there is no age or time limit when you are using chat GPT.

2. Easy to use 

Chat GPT is very easy to use even for new commands doesn’t matter that you don’t know anything about the technology doesn’t matter that you are new in the field of computers you just have to give it a command and it will process all the things that you want to know and want to have in your document.

3. Stress busters 

Chatpati is very quick in giving you solutions about the things that you want to answer you can ask anything on chat GPT and you will get an accurate answer the benefit of chat GPT is it can release your stress and anxiety issues that you are having for submitting your documents for your program.

4. Less time

When you use Chatgpt the only thing that you have to do is that what kind of problem you facing and it will give you the problem solution in a blink of an eye.

5. Quick solution

ChatGPT gives you a quick solution to every problem or any documentary you want to submit or any problem you face regarding your academic or any personal problem your solution will be quick and effective

Cons of chatgpt

1. Lesson interaction

Obviously when you are dependent on chat GPT and you are not using the information that has been given to you from your parents or teachers or friends then the interaction between those people will be reduced to lesser and lesser that you won’t be able to connect with the world and the people who are living in it your relationship always get damage.

2. Dependent on technology

When you are using chat GPT you are always getting your self dependent on technology because he got never using your brain and stink to get the solution to the complex problem you always go into the platform to ask for something valid and you do not use your mindset to get the solution of your basic problems. This is the main disadvantage of chat gpt for students.

3. Afraid of risk

It is very obvious that when you are dependent on ai tools for your technology platform you are afraid of taking risks because you are so much dependent on that platform and technology that you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and look for something productive in this world.

4. Waste of Time

What are you using it Lot of time is wasted because most of the time the students get too distracted by the attraction of the technology and start wasting their time and useless activities over there like you say when you click on the articles and you read it that totally be in writing by the people, not by some kind of a tool bought like that open ai.

Google is totally based upon humans and the perspective that the people are saying and showing in the articles are totally valid by Google itself.

5. Less creativity

When you are using an AI chatbot you are depending upon that platform and your creativity is getting damaged day by day because you are dependent on that technology and you don’t know what to do if your technology is taken away from you that is the big setback which young generation is facing today.

Advantages of Google for students Vs Chatgpt for students

Advantages of Google for students Vs Chatgpt for students

Google was first created in 1998 the main motive of Google was to give platforms and collect data from the internet and present to the users of the internet and provide them the material according to their knowledge and their requirements which they can use for their own benefits and requirements at the very same time.

1. Google vs chatgpt

Google is one of the oldest and most searched platforms in the time that are living. Google was the pro of the research engines and Google has one of the most accurate search platforms because the links and the articles that you find on Google are totally dependent upon the research of the bloggers and writers.

The people of the world have written those blogs and articles so it means that those articles and platforms that Google is presenting to you are totally based on the Internet of the people not like chat GPT.

2. Cost-effective 

Many of the Google tools are free to use, which can be particularly beneficial for students who are on a low budget and all the tools are very best for users. 
for example, you see google drive that provides students with free cloud storage, and it is totally free.

Google Drive allows them to store and access any files from anywhere.
without having to pay for additional storage space. Apart from this, there are many more great tools that Google provides.

3. Earning

Google is also a very good platform when you want to earn something and make up a living from Google because when you are writing articles a blog and something like that has been totally valid by Google also pays.

you when the articles are being ranked and you are burning your midnight oil and putting up the hard work which Google requires and your article is being ranked among the best then you can make a living from Google as well while in chat CPT you cannot do that.

4. Google maps

Not just articles and links are been provided by Google but also the Google provides maps when you are stuck in some kind of a hurdle and you want to meet your destination in the Bling of an eye Google Maps can also guide you while you are stuck on the road and there is no way out and you don’t know where to go.

5. Collaboration and communication 

As I said earlier that Google provides the best tools that can facilitate collaboration and communication between students, making it easier to work on group projects and share information.

For example, Google Docs allow multiple users to edit and work on the same document simultaneously and submit their work to their teacher.

Artificial intelligence platforms

There are many artificial intelligence platforms that are making life very easy for people and students who want to make up assignments deliver the quiz or even submit some kind of hard document on basic research work that is very hard for them they can do that in a very blink of an eye just give a command to google or chat gpt that what kind of a thing that you want to explore or ask it is very handy for the students, especially for the higher education students. 

Chat gpt is basically a chatbot that can give you articles and research on digital marketing or anything it is the basic language model that can give you everything or anything and writing the critical thinking of the people is being shut down by these two platforms because the people do not want to work or to think or build the perspective of their own which is very dangerous because imagine this is the first bridge of knowledge conversation with me.

Ai Platform and Human Teacher 

Any AI platform can do wonders for teachers and human attraction can be distilled by these platforms because the conversation normal decent conversation that I haven’t been having with each other is being cut down day by day because of the growth in AI technology.

The normal decent conversation power of a normal conversation has been decreasing because the AI platform and language translator have taken over the beauty of sitting with friends and expressing your thoughts and views to people.

The concept of a human teacher has been decreasing day by day because robotics and technology have been taking over and making the world into a global village but at the very same time the connectivity of the relationships has been decreasing day by day and that human language has been cut to a mobile phone center.

The critical thinking skills of the people are being decreased and homework assignments are basically done by these al platforms and the students of today they are not using their minds and intellect which is very much required to explore the world and to become a leader.

Technology has made some positive changes in society and made the place a beautiful place to live in the world has been changing day by day but the improvement of technology but at the very same time The basic need is in the basic ingredients which are very much required on the cards to become a healthy father or a beautiful father a very good listener and a particular thinker.

 The attributes which were there and I was society and the people those attributes and principles are being decreased day by day and the people are just becoming as social media and function and becoming robotic by the passive time because they don’t have any emotions they don’t have any cut operating or thinking which can allow them to explore anything new.

The Winner is Google.


To conclude we can say that Google and chat GPT or any other AI platform are both different platforms and serve better purposes for the uses but Google is a higher rank platform because it is old and knows the value of the content and is totally natural language and all the links that are being provided to the users are basically humans like text written by professional blog writers and articles writers.

But in ChatGPT things are completely different and opposite because of generative AI content that affects badly in student performance that is why we give chat gpt disadvantages for students that everyone should know.

Tell me your experience with Google and chatbot pros and cons in the common section below!

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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