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10 Reason Why Students Should Have Less Homework

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

We all know that tradition has been going on in schools for decades of giving homework and homework assignments to the students no matter if you are a high school student or a college student.

Your school will definitely put this burden on you that you have to do the homework assignment no matter what. what so the question over here is whether doing the homework on a regular basis is really worth it and what kind of impact this homework has and is this rule should be changed.

Why student should have less homework

Homework assignments will give the teacher and the students one thing: total stress to the kids. It’s also very time-consuming, and people, especially young kids, do not take any kind of interest in extracurricular activities. Their free time is also snatched by these homework assignments, and children are not willing to do that, to be very honest with you. 

So we are going to discuss 10 reasons why students should not have homework.

What is the impact of homework study?

students should have less homework

These homework assignments do not just waste the time of the students but also stop them from taking part in any kind of physical sport will is definitely good for their minds and health.

You believe it or not doing any kind of physical activity is very important especially for the young generations if you want to be physically active and strong for the upcoming years of your life doing homework just like a copy-paste program that you are doing first you did it in your school as class work or we can also call at school work and when you reach home.

We do the same mistake in your home as well most of the homework assignments which we do as students are not giving any kind of a learning to us parents are also pressurizing the students to do the homework properly giving daily homework is just like a burden or extra burden on the students that the teachers are giving to them.

There is the total home myth that in-home people do their work with extreme concentration many of the extreme School rules have also pressured the students through the homework properly for at least an hour.

Another thought that pops into every student’s mind is whether this homework will do any kind of benefit our test scores if not then what is the point of giving that much load on the students you know giving excessive homework to students in middle school we have seen the tradition in the middle school system that a student who is the middle school student has not been given even a spare time to breathe.

Yes, the alternative can be to give extra practice classes to the students and work on their drawbacks and setbacks the things in which they are not good at a strategy that will not just help them at their great level but also individually and they will feel very much confident on a personal level as well.

And unfortunately, our institutes are not really doing that they are just putting a burden on the students which has nothing to do with self-improvement and personal growth it is very disturbing to say because at the end of the day, the skills that you give the students in the institute, it is very important and that is going to change his life in a positive way and will guide him towards the better destination.

But if you have failed as an institute to give any kind of a personal skill such as time management and positive energy that can make the student mentally tougher to face the trials of life. you are not doing anything positive or you are not bringing any kind of a positive change in that student’s life which will be the cause of his good mental health.

Here we are going to discuss 10 reasons:

1. Maintain the check and balance

It is obviously very common that when you have less amount of homework that you have to do in your home implemented a check and balance between your physical and mental needs as well.

Because when you have less homework at your home to do you can definitely focus on the things that are very important. For example your mental health and physical health physically. you can definitely go to the gym sweat out getting in shape and for your mental health, you can definitely check out reading some books in your free time.

In the beginning, you cannot just physical exercise for 10 hours or 2 hours in a day The ideal start for any activity will be 10 minutes and you can slowly and steadily raise the standards for your physical activity it will not just help you in your academic success but also you will feel good about yourself.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety

When the students will be given less homework by the school management and the institutes definitely they will have less amount of stress and anxiety issues that they have to deal with its not like you shouldn’t give any kind of homework to the students.

Yes, you should give homework to the students but it shouldn’t be copy-pasted and used chatgpt to a homework program. The homework should be the kind of a thing that adds value and adds new skills to their life.

3. Enhance creativity

The creativity and the mental capacity of the students will be increased when they are given less homework by the school management they will focus on other activities such as inventions and software development programs which will not just focus on skill development.

But also will give them free time to learn something new to enhance their creativity because we all know that inventions were made by the backbenchers and creative people.

4. Independence

The Independence level of the students will be increased when there will be given less homework on homework by the teachers and class teachers will obviously be very proud of themselves that the feeling of freedom and independence cannot be expressed in words and we all know that.

5. Time to relax

The resting and sleeping patterns of the students will also be in place because of the less amount of homework and homework assignments they will focus on sleeping patron and we all know that rest is as important as working really hard because if you do not rest properly in the day you won’t be fully active to perform your upcoming task.

6. Social gathering increases

By giving less homework to the students they will also have time to communicate with other people and hang out with their friends and in that kind of process, the communication level will also increase and social gathering is as important as doing your work.

Because when you are talking to someone those guys are exchanging their ideas which also improve your communication skill and you will also learn something new.

7. Time for physical activity

Students will engage themselves in sports it could be any sport basketball cricket or badminton which will not just relax them from the daily routine and boring routine of the school activity but also will make them feel fresh and e energized for the upcoming events that they have to perform the next day.

8. Good understanding of the concept of lectures

Students can definitely focus on the lectures that have been given in the classroom when they have less homework to do they can rewire and revise all the things that have been given in the classroom by the professor or the teacher that will not just allow them to understand the lecture better in a better way but also will clear the basic concepts about that lecture.

9. Engaging in a good family environment

Youngsters will have more time to engage with their family members when the students are given less amount of homework they will definitely have more time for the family and the events that are coming in their lives could be marriage could be party or anything that is important.

Because we are social animals and we have to socialize with the people no matter what that’s how the world goes and that’s how life all over the way.

10. Supports a good educational environment

Lastly, we all know that that is a good education environment because we know that what a good education environment to the students it not just to pressure students to do homework and homework assignments regularly just to Mount pressure on them.

But it maintains a check and balance between the extracurricular activities sports and the education department as well.


To conclude we can say that homework is very important and institutes should give homework to the students but it shouldn’t be that kind of scenario are you in which the student is on his knees and does not know where to go so the institutes should be very careful and maintain a check and balance between the homework assignments and other activities as well.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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