Why Rich Dad Poor Dad Is A Good Book For Students

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a valuable book for students as it imparts essential financial education. It teaches money management, investing, and financial independence, empowering students with practical knowledge for a secure financial future.

If you want a great success and to become financially strong in the future, this book “rich dad poor dad” is for you.

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rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki, is a personal finance book that gives you knowledge about everything like personal growth to make you valuable. My personal opinion changed when I heard many speakers that the government should include this book in the educational curriculum because of its great effects. This amazing book is for anyone who wants to improve their habits as adults and also holds great significance for students as well that study in school, college, or university.

In this article, we give the answer to the most asked questions and reasons why you should buy and read this book and why “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is an essential read for students seeking financial wisdom and personal growth.

Why You Should Read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

You should know that reading this book is a must for those who want to achieve big because it is like having a wise mentor sharing financial secrets. The book is based on real-life experiences which is a plus point.

So, when someone writes a book about their complete experience in their life, then his words in the form of a book must be followed by everyone.

Benefits of Rich Dad Poor Dad

  1. Give you financial Education for success.
  2. Make you rich.
  3. After reading, you are able how to generate income.
  4. Give you some practical advice.
  5. Genenrate passive income.

5 Reasons Why Rich Dad Poor Dad Is A Good Book For Students:

1. Future Financial Success

This book provides financial planning when you will read it. In the first chapter, Robert t Kiyosaki tells about their two dads, one is poor and one is rich, who have a different opinion about money and life. They experience both dads experience and mindset which is the behavior that separates the wealthy from financial struggling. 

mutiple income

Robert advises you financial success comes from understanding how money works and learning to make it work for you. Kiyosaki gives readers financial education about investing in multiple income sources, when if you fail in one, then already you make earn income generating assets without any headache.

2. Practical Money Tips

Robert has written the best way how to manage money and how to invest it in a practical way. Earn money for a long way will give you benefits because if you earn a lot of money in a short time period, this will not only harm your money but also your journey starts on the path of poverty.

So, the rich invent money to make their family and themselves financial independence and they teach how they invent with the tips that Robert gives in this book.

3. Risks and Failure

Failure does not mean you have lost your life and will not be able to get success. Every rich person must lose a lot of money and fail multiple times.

If I give you an example of Elon Musk who is the world’s richest man, you must read they take risks multiple times and fail multiple times in life. But the good thing is that they try again and again, and this work has definately make them the richest man becuase they fail and failure leads everyone to get success.

4. Real-Life Examples

As I said above, the Robert has two fathers, which means this is his life experience, and he gives the lesson in their book. He gives the complete reasons 
with what is the mindset of his poor father or rich father, watching how both father figures approached money and witnessing the significant impact these decisions had on their lives.

He narrates how Rich Dad guided him to start his first business and make his first investments, allowing him to develop a solid financial foundation

5. Wealth-Building Habits

Habits make you wealthy and get high income in a short time because this book gives you cash flow techniques to earn fast money. This book makes you financial intelligence even if you are a poor person.

Without financial knowledge, you are in a dark room without light. So, I also give you the habit of investment and how to earn a passive income more and passive income means you can fulfill your passion financially.

3 Habits for Wealth

  1. Invest in the real estate or business without any fear.
  2. Invest in the Multiple fields Which every rich people does.
  3. Make a future plan to achieve success in a reliable way.

Why Is Rich Dad Poor Dad the Best Book?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” is the best book because of its high demand and receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from readers who have implemented its teachings with successful results.

The book real strength is the fact that those who read it and apply its principles often experience significant improvements in their financial understanding and decision-making. The book effectiveness in transforming lives and empowering individuals financially is its true standout feature.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad easy to read? 

Yes, Rich Dad Poor Dad is easy to understand. I tell you my personal experience, I am non native english speaker, and when i read it, I see that this book wording is very easy to read that is why I recommend for student who is 20 years old or a little low in age, can easily understand it.

Many readers have shared similar experiences that this book is simple to understand and clear in explaining complex financial ideas.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a financial literacy book?

Yes of course, rich dad poor dad is a financial literacy book becuase it provides poor people practical advice for financial freedom to generate passive income. This book is compulsory for reading for those who are poor or belong to middle class families.

How can I become rich and powerful as a student?

To become rich and powerful as a student, focus and learn financial education, develop smart money habits means how to spend and how to save, and embrace a wealth-building mindset.

If you are a middle class student, you invest in any platform like real estate or other money work carefully and read rich dad poor dad to increase your financial IQ.

How did rich dad poor dad change your life?

First of all, keep in mind that if you read all the words in this book carefully without implementing them. Definitely, you cannot achieve success in your life. If you say about success stories after reading this book, then I am sure that you become a successful person in the future. Many success stories are available on many online platforms.


To conclude, rich dad poor dad is the life changing book and after reading this article, you understand the whole book summary but this is not enough, you should buy this book to get the right path. 

The book real power provides willpower that boosts your motivation and your confidence not only educates but also motivates readers to take charge of their financial destinies and embark on a journey toward financial freedom.

So, whether you’re a student, a young professional, or anyone seeking financial empowerment, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is your guide to a brighter, wealthier future.

In last, our humble request to you is that again and again I tell you, please implement its (RDPD) teachings in your life, implement its lessons, and unlock the potential to achieve the financial success you have always desired.

I invite our valuable readers to share their thoughts that their experiences with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in the comments below.

Feel free and Do not hesitate to share your insights, takeaways, and success stories – the world needs more Rich Dads and fewer Poor Dads, and this book is the key to unlocking that transformation.

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