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Top 5 Best Islamic Apps For Students

Last Updated on September 30, 2023

The teaching of Islam can be taken by the Islamic app and the best Islamic apps for students have been available in the market to keep and check and balance between your prayer time and can also teach you the recitation of the Holy Quran by these apps.

There have been many Islamic apps for students because Islam has been the fastest-growing religion all over the world.

The basic principles of the Holy Quran and the God Almighty Allah but his beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Islam was the religion that was sent by Allah through his prophet Muhammad SAW and the sacrifices he made for the Muslims that is totally remarkable we cannot even imagine what we have got in this life and the life hereafter.

Top 5 best islamic apps for students

With the passage of time, you can get the best Islamic knowledge and get to know the Quran recitation by the best apps that are available in the market and also get the knowledge of Arabic alphabets and how to perform Hajj basically it is a Hajj guide. 

Islamic study is very important for every Muslim and student and you can do this through these Islamic and Arabic apps.

These apps you can teach yourself and Muslim kids. Islamic values and the Quran tajweed these apps are made by the best app developers and the Hadith collection is there as well.

“You going to get these apps on Google Play store and app store and the Quran Majeed classes can be taken but anyone who has the hunger to know the basic knowledge of the Quran due to the technology”.

Muslim Kids TV is also telecasting many shows for the betterment of the people.

Islamic stories are also given there so people can learn Quran and how to pray.

It is very easy for beginners of the Quran to learn the Arabic scriptures and the recitation of Islamic books such as sahi bukhari and Sahi Muslim etc.

Why teaching Islam is important?

The teaching of Islam is very important to everyone like students because as we all know that we are the last, ummah and no prophet is also coming after the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him so it is very important for us as human beings.

As Muslims that we should get up for every challenge that we want to meet in this life to make our lives better on the day of judgment.

So it’s very important for the parents and for the kids to learn the basic criteria in the basic education of Islam and how we can get better as Muslims and strive and thrive and do well enough to get to heaven in the next life.

“Not just that if we even want to convert a non-Muslim and a nonbeliever into a Muslim it is very important for us to know the basic knowledge of our religion Islam and to get more and more knowledge”.

we can use technology for the betterment of ourselves because, in this time image, access has come very easy for young generations living in this world so it’s very important and necessary for us to make full use of technology for the betterment of Islam and ourselves.

Top 5 best apps for Islamic knowledge

We have brought the best apps that we recommend you install and learn about Islam. All these apps must be installed on your smartphone:

1. Haramain app

Back in the year 2006, the people were given the opportunity to have a live broadcast and watch a live broadcast that whatever happens in Mecca mukarma and in Madina as well and it is a basic urge for every Muslim to see Mecca and Madina what is going on over there and what is happening in the recent times in these Holy buildings which are very close to every Muslim who is living in this world right now.

This app has been the most recognized app for Muslims because nobody ever thought that this could ever happen in this time and age that you will get to see the live recording and the live sessions that what is happening in Mecca and Madina the live recordings of Salah and Taraweeh prayers are there in this app which can be absolutely breathtaking for every Muslim if he or she witnesses that. 

The best and the most amazing thing about this app is that you can have a Life session and you can see the things that are happening in Mecca and Madina live or you can see later on because the app has also the facility of recordings as well.

“There are thousands of recordings of the imams and the speeches that have been delivered there the prayer of Friday and the recordings of Mecca and Medina are still there in this app”.

The people who are using the Android app or more than welcome to download this app from their website and can also download this app from the Play Store because it is totally free of cost and people especially Muslims will be absolutely charged for this gift.

2. Tafseer one 

When you are learning the basic knowledge of the Holy Quran it is not just reading the translation and getting to know the meanings of the surah and the Arabic words you have to get into the depth of that holy book that has been sent by the god Allah.

“Tafseer means the explanation of the Holy Quran and the basic explanation of that surah that what was happening behind the scenes and what were the circumstances in which the surah had been given to the holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him by Allah”.

There are many writers of The Tafseer who have given the explanation of the Holy Quran and the teaching of the Holy Quran in detail and with explanation, in this one app, you can get the whole detail and commentary of the Holy Quran which has written by the writers themselves.

3. Islam 360

Islam 360 is a basic app that has given the knowledge about the Quran and the hadees of the prophet peace be upon him and it has been created recently by Muslims to work for the welfare and betterment of Islam and for the people and especially the Muslims who want to learn the hadith and the Quran in short and definitely check out this app.

In this basic time and age, you have much time to learn and translate which are the basic criteria of every Muslim you should know what is the teachings of the Holy Quran and what the Almighty Allah has set in the Holy Quran for us because the Quran and Islam have been sent for the development of the mankind.

4. Islam QA

Islam QA is a basic app in which you can ask questions and answers about Islam and the other days and the things that you do not know if you are a new beginner and a new converter of Islam and you do not know the basic knowledge about Islam and you want to know the knowledge that is very accurate and good according to your respective and mindset you can definitely check out this app which is very amazing and easy to use for the beginners.

Regardless of the fact whatever confusion you have about the fatwa What kind of a fatwa is given by the Islamic scholars and what kind of basic precautions are there that you need to be taken about the things that are haram or macro in the Holy Quran and Islam then you can definitely use this app and ask questions to let go your confusion and get the answers about the questions that you find very difficult to get in this fast track and busy life.

5. Tarteel 

It is the best app for kids if you want to know how good your pronunciation and recitation of the Quran are you can definitely go through this app and use it for your betterment because pronouncing the accuracy of the world is very important in any language and Islam the accuracy should be as good as possible for the speaker and the reciter himself because you will be preaching about the message of the Holy Quran and your prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

“Therefore, it is very important for you to have an accurate speech and accuracy in your communication and recitation of the Holy Quran”.

This one app can also become very helpful for beginners and kids who are just trying to prepare for the recitation of the Holy Quran and something important that has been coming in their religious activities if you make an error while reciting the Holy Quran and reciting a basic Arabic word of the Holy Quran this app will automatically tell you what kind of you have made and what is the correct pronunciation and how you can correct the pronunciation of that word.

It can also become very handy if you want to practice difficult words of the Holy Quran in which you feel that you hesitate enough and won’t be able to pronounce them accurately at once so you can use it for your benefit and work on your skills which are very much needed in this first track life because, in this current time and age, the Muslims today even don’t have that much time to work on their religious activities and the religious laws that which the Muslim have today.


In conclusion, We can use these apps to get knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islam because the use of technology is very important for Muslims and students all over the world and we can use these apps to get the knowledge about the truest religion Islam.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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