How To Improve Automaticity In Reading?

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

How To Improve Automaticity In Reading

Reading fluency is the most important blessing that you can ever have as a human being or as a person because we all know that knowledge is power and waiting fluency is something that can give you a slight edge over others. So, The question is really ask that how to improve Automaticity in reading.

When you are reading and reading it with fluency all the site words will not just increase your fluency but oral reading practice will also be increased by your side over time and by practice students will really build momentum.  

You should keep your eyesight open, you should not consider any nonsense words because you never know how and when those words can be used or will be used in the future.

So it’s very important for you to get reading fluency instructions and keep an eye on the sight word as well.

Why is automaticity important in reading?

Automaticity is very important in reading instruction because it will not just only give you the amount of fluency that is required for you in reading but only it will also give you confidence that you can create fluency.

You can read any kind of a paragraph, any kind of a line that is given to you to read which is one of the most amazing feelings that you can have as a reader which cannot be described in words. So definitely automaticity is very important in your reading skills and fluency is developed with the passage of time.

What is the key to developing automaticity?

The most important ingredient in developing automaticity is fluency practice and focus at the very same time to get that amount of fluency in your reading.

So if you want to really do that you have to be very sure that you have to burn your midnight oil again that mastery in this thing because if you are not practicing day and day out you won’t be able to cope up with the results and the needs you want from yourself.

Now here we are going to hop into the question that how to increase Automaticity in reading to gain reading achievement.

1. Read Regularly

If you want to increase your reading rate speed and want to be very much aware of the every word that you are reading because recognition is very important doesn’t matter if you are doing soil in reading or you are reading verbally you are going to have your own struggles.

If you are a beginner you will be a struggling reader at the start and the oral getting fluency will be very hard for you to get because it is a fluency skill to be very honest so to get fluent reading and if you want to have that kind of flawless in your reading without any kind of a hesitation without any kind of a fumble.

You should be very careful and more aware to know that you should read books on a regular basis it could be any kind of a book it could be on self-improvement. you can read magazines newspapers and even a dictionary can become very helpful in the time of crisis when you are stroking with your vocabulary, especially sometimes even you have to decode words it’s very important for you to practice as a reader to extract all the material that has been written in the book.

2. Start with easy material

In the initial days when he was starting to read and we all know that it is a human tendency that if you are unfamiliar with anything and if you are unfamiliar with a certain way of life or a certain circumstance.

Then definitely firstly when you are given a test or when you are tested to your abilities, in the beginning, you were given an easy environment to get into the flow and get family with the environment and the circumstances that’s what the fluent reader does and that’s all the reading skills are developed reading is an art and if you are a beginning reader you should definitely start with an easy material to get into the flow.

3. Focus on comprehension

Yes, we all know that for us speed is very important and to do the work very rapidly and speedy.

We will do anything and everything to do so but it’s also very important to get away from the words and to get away that what are you reading and to extract and understand the meaning of the things that have been put in front of you.

It is very important for you to get into the head of the text and make sure that you are understanding the meaning in the definition of the words and the sentences that are written in the book or in the newspaper and you are not having any kind of hesitation to read.

4. Use an appointer or highlighter

You should use a pointer or highlighter to increase your reading focus because when a text is highlighted and written in bold words definitely you will get excited and you will get to know the meaning of that thing and your focus will increase not just only when you will open the book on a regular basis your eyes will pop up to that highlighted part of the page for the book.

5. Expand your vocabulary

When you are reading a text or doing something related to reading it’s not that you should be stuck in that frame of mind that you are just reading the face and not learning anything from that sentence or paragraph but it is also important for you to stretch yourself be on your limits and learn something new.

For example, you can improve your vocabulary by using help from different platforms and articles.

6. Get out of distractions

It is very important for you to get rid of distractions and noises that are coming from the other side of the room for anything that is distracting you from reading and not allowing you to focus on that text or if you are reading for studying anything important related to your course.

You have to make sure that you should get rid of the distractions while you are getting yourself prepared to read because if some disturbance is coming from the side of the room you won’t be able to read freely and with full focus.

7. Practice sight words

The most common use words are called sight words, you should definitely keep an eye on them and practice them regularly because if you are regularly practicing those things and those words which are regularly being used in your conversation or in grammar or in the sentences.

Then definitely you will not hesitate in speaking those words while you are fully prepared how to pronounce them because English is a language that has many synonyms so you should work on that regularly.

8. Use chunking

Chunking can be used regularly in reading a phrase or a paragraph definitely when you are using these techniques it will have come very helpful for you.

It is a technique in which you read the whole face and extract all the meanings of those words rather than reading a word one by one.

9. Use a metronome

You can definitely use a metronome definitely help you increase your reading pace why your pace is increasing, your confidence and vocabulary will also increase from time to time, slowly and gradually.

You can increase the face as you are progressing and you think the difficulty level should be increased by your side because you are too much familiar with the easy difficulty phase.

10. Read aloud

When you are reading allowed you are getting familiar with your own voice and your pronunciation and how to pronounce the word in the correct manner and will also help you gather all the difficult words and the phases in which you need to focus on your strengths and weaknesses will pop up and you get to know your limitations as well.

11. Use technology to improve automaticity

You can definitely use technology for your own benefit and betterment because when you are using technology such as a mobile phone laptop or any device it will become very helpful but it is also very important for you to know not to get carried or distracted by those devices that cause addiction.

12. Summarize what you read

When you are making a summary, summarizing, and using SQ3R, it will be very helpful to you.

What you are reading not just it will help you to collect the important key points about the topic that you have read but also will allow you to communicate with others and how to teach them about the topic that you have read important key points will be there in your mind and you won’t be able to forget that for a very long time.

13. Join a reading group (partner reading)

The company can make you whatever you want to become in your life so it’s very important for you to have yourself surrounded by those people who are on the same mission as you are similarly.

If you are very fond of reading books and you want to read magazines every novel then it’s very important for you to join a reading room and when you do that they will communicate their thoughts with you and you will communicate your thoughts with them which will become a very healthy competition from both sides and both sides of the people will learn something new. Then you improve your automaticity because of group reading.

14. Relax

It is very important for a student to relax at the very same time as it is very important for a student to work hard because you are not relaxing your muscles and not giving them the important rest. 

You won’t be able to push them beyond your limits and what will happen is your body will get tired and pretty at the very same time which can also cause you pain and trouble in the long term. So, relaxation tips are essential to improve automaticity in reading.


To conclude we can say that automaticity in reading is a very good habit and if you want to develop that kind of habit you should also be willing to struggle for that habit because when you are new to this habit you will have some problems to deal with but you can deal with those trial and revolutions and face them with full power and authority there is nothing like a noble and vigilant person like you because reading can only give you one thing and that is perspective and benefit in long term phase of your life.

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