10 Reason Why Public Speaking Is Important For Students

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

Public speaking is important, in my opinion, is one of the toughest things to do ever not just in public but in general expressing your points and views to others is very hard and very complicated because almost all the time I have seen that the opinion of yours are very conflicted with the general people and you might have a thought or to that, I should say this either I should not say this because it may find the people.

But generally speaking in my opinion I think public speaking is one of the basic needs for any person who wants to be a leader who wants to be a person who wants to dominate this site in any way.

why public speaking is important for students

Public speaking is basically a skill. public speaking importance is very high in communication skills. speaking skills you name in any vacancy in any job. you have to have it if you want to crack the interview for any kind of job that you are looking for.

Many public speaking courses are available. Many public speakers like Zaid Abdulrehman, Atif Ahmed, and many others have built up a name for themself that they know how to speak and Express their opinions to others.

Critical thinking is also very important. Oral communication is also very important in public speaking. you can take many public speaking classes to improve your public speaking skills.

Effective public speaking is not just screaming and shouting toward the public but expressing your views with a calm and composed approach. body language is also very important in that because confidence increases when you are talking slowly and calmly it is an essential skill.

Giving a speech in school I remember to give me a lot of confidence as a kid and as a student, because it allows me to let go of that public fear and express my views and viewpoints to others give me a lot of confidence that man I can speak at any kind of conference.

It Is also a very important skill in presentation skills that not just students but any human being or every human should have in his life. I think teachers need to instigate to the students from high school that man you have to take part in extracurricular activities. It basically kills your speaking fear  and gives you a vital skill that is unmatchable that is public speaking

Various steps that can improve your public speaking

  • Look into the head of the public.
  • Don’t panic
  • Be confident and prepare your speech.
  • You are not going for a fight.
  • Pause for a moment after you finish speaking

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet once said that for me making millions of dollars millions of companies is not an important skill. public speaking is one of the most important skills that one can have because the man himself has a public speaking certificate and has placed the certificate in front of the audience in the people just to make sure of the importance of public speaking.

Don’t copy

Basically, when it comes to public speaking you don’t have to copy anyone or anyone’s style that okay man this is a very interesting and very famous kind of public speaker and I will try to copy him no it’s not the case definitely don’t the case yes it’s important to have heroes but every individual should have its own identity.

A good public speaker is not a public speaker who speaks rapidly and fluently know you have to be a good listener first to express your points and the things that you want to say or want to convey to the person standing in front of you.

When you have a live audience it’s very important for you to connect with that audience what are the experiences of that audience standing in front of you and sitting in front of you waiting for you to say something?

How to be a better public speaker is very simple don’t try to copy don’t try to be someone which you are not you can have a speech coach or look out for something that is relatable to your topic and listen to the public speakers who are very famous and cracking the thing down listen to their interviews podcast and any other thing that is related to your speech or seminar that you are going to have.

How to practice public speaking?

Practice is very important in any kind of field that you are having in your life not just in public speaking. public speaking generally means speaking to the public and expressing your use to the person who stands in front of you or to the general public

Now the question is how to practice public speaking skills most people don’t know how to Express their cells and how to convey a message to the person who stands in front of them either they start panicking or they start complaining or they are not prepared for that particular session.

  • Stand in front of the mirror and talk
  • Record why you are practicing
  • Watch your speaking speed

One of the biggest speakers in my opinion was the boxer Muhammad Ali clay himself he was very blunt and very flexible when it comes to speaking and expressing is used and my god the way he can wear the message of Islam to people who are non-Muslims that is totally remarkable and totally how to the world so I highly recommend you to listen to that person who was very flirt a negro American who was truly a fighter one of a kind.

When you the people recommended the new command the beginners to listen to the interviews of Muhammad Ali clay I myself listen to the interviews of the great boxer and trust me my friends you want to regret it.

10 reasons why public speaking is important for students

1. Makes you fearless

So first thing first is that when you’re expressing your views to the person or to any person who stands in front of you all to the general audience it makes you feel as and makes you believe that you can convey your message to the person that you are so much self-sufficient and brilliant and brave in your own eyes that you don’t fear talking to someone that is the stranger to you and that can only come with the skill of public speaking.

2. Allows you to express

Expressing yourself and being opted is one of the hardest things to do in this hypocritical world because most people don’t want you to have an opinion and independent opinion I would say because most people follow the trend and herd psychology.

3. Quality of leaders

It is a brainer that every great leader was an upgrade communicator and great expression of his views to the general public and to the audience that he wants to influence and get behind him.

Great leaders like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Bhagat Singh Nelson Mandela Abraham Lincoln these guys were the greatest public speaker  I have ever seen in my life.

4. You became an influencer

Obviously, when a person is a great communicator and great public speaker in the eyes of the general public you influence a large number of people who are listening to him at a particular time because if you dominate or Express the views of yours truly even to the one person of the public you will get a huge amount of crowd behind you. That’s why you see every great actor great sportsman becomes a great influence when he is a great public speaker.

5. Help you make friends

When a person is a great communicator and a great public speaker he can talk to anyone or everyone standing in front of him like a normal human being when you are the boss in your head and you can say that man I know whatever I want to say to this person at he will 90% of the chances are there that I will convince that person who stands in front of me that is the thing that helps you make friends.

6. Makes you a critical thinker

Because when you are speaking to the general public you become a thinker because to speak it’s very important for you to think and to express your views to the person who stands in front of you and to the general public for example in the chords when a lawyer is speaking in front of the judge it is very important for him to have an opinion not just according to the case but according to the children live as well.

7. Separates you from the crowd

According to the survey, most people more than 60% I would say are very afraid of talking in public and expressing their views to the general public because they see it as a very hectic and very tough task because what if things didn’t when according to the perspective and to the general plan the people will laugh at them but if you are a good public speaker that gives you at true meaningful identity and separates you from the crowd.

8. Booster for self-confidence

It is a no-brainer that when you are expressing your views and the people are convincing and listening to your points very carefully and very sufficiently and nobody wants you to stop it makes you a huge hero in your own eyes that man I have convinced dispersion and gives you a huge kind of self-esteem booster which is totally unmatched.

9. Helps you give opinions

When you are good at public speaking you have your own opinions that you want to express and you start conflicting and contradicting the people who are going in One direction only.

10. You build up standards

Last but not least when you are good at public speaking you have your own standard that you have to maintain in your own eyes which is very important for the public speaker or any person who is very much critical in his own opinion.


Public speaking is one of the most important skills that one can have for every student and every person who wants to excel in his or her life should have this skill. so, we give you the 10 steps of public speaking and also give you the reasons why public speaking is very important. 

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