Why Students Fail In Matric And Inter Exams?

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

The examination is a very important event in every student’s life because it is going to make or break the life of a student that coming future of the student.

The student has to get the most important and the highest marks to get into a college of their choice or to get admission in the field that they have in their mind and they want to make up a career in it.

Why Students Fail In Matric And Inter Exams
Especially in the fields of engineering and medicine, examinations play a very important role in every students life because they are highly competitive fields and they have very highly competitive examinations that are going to be held in their fields and their colleges.

So we are going to hop into the topic and look out why the students fail in the internet and matric examination

7 Reasons Why Students Fail In Matric And Inter-Examination:

1. Friends

Friends are a very important part of every student’s life what the student but life is incomplete without friends you should have friends and you should hang out with them but when you are talking about your career and talking about the things that you want to do badly your life they are going to make or break your life in the future.

you should have the guts to make some sacrifice for your dreams because nothing is for free in this country nothing is for free in this world everything is a price to pay everything has a challenge that you have to overcome the obstacle is always going to be there and you have to overcome to the best of your abilities so, therefore, it is very important for you to choose the right amount of friends and the right kind of friends.

They’re going to push you towards your goal rather than push you away from your goal and make you a loser for the rest of your life and you are going to regret that phase of your life because you had that kind of opportunity to make your life a beautiful place to live a life to remember for yourself and for your generations.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t do that because you were stuck in that kind of bullshit craps and that has cost you your life friends can be toxic and a very important discouragement for people and for the students if you don’t have the right amount of circle you are going to suffer for the rest of your life because the person is known by his company.

2. Mobile phone

Let’s face it mobile food is the biggest distraction that a student is going to have in his life because it is the biggest tool of distraction if you don’t use it wisely and use it in your favor you are going to cost big time it is going to cost you big time and it is going to cost you your life and your future because many of the structures are there in the mobile phone right now the social media apps Instagram Facebook WhatsApp or always there to kill your time.

 And make you feel that you are achieving something but in reality, you are not achieving something you are giving your time and everything is going to be wasted because you are going to spend too much time on this kind of thing and you are going to feel and the rest of the day that you have accomplished nothing your promise is 0.

you are going nowhere in life and somehow somewhere you’re going to figure out where and how to fix this problem but at that particular time, it is going to be very late for you because the examinations are mounted on your head.

3. Lack of preparation

Students do not Fail because most of the time they are distracted but they are not very well prepared for the insemination exams and to succeed in those exams is very important for every student secondary education is very hard according to the article behalf school has the toughest examination board and associated examination is a demon for every student interacting is also very hard for the 9th 10th 11/12 students. 

It is a base for every student to get into the desired college examination and the board examination has a relationship that is very strong every student wants to crack the intermittent examination and enter the board committee has made up a very strict rule practical examinations are also very tough at the marks are very important if you want to get into your desired college federal board has some different ski mall together you should study possibles and prepare for annual examination.

Paper 1 is mostly of English in all the departments and the countries, because it is a basic and international language center board, is making new schemes intermediate students are also working on their weaknesses subjects like maths and physics should be studied from the word go because yes I subjected very tough second here students mostly struggle in physics and mathematics because they are critical and Matt is the mother of all sizes education news could play important role in getting an education about the current affairs in the country.

4. Distraction

Destruction like social media distraction is always there and distractions like relatives and friends can get a very important time of your life and can cost you your life in return you will go very life if you get stuck into those circumstances or pay heed to these people second edible exams are also very important for the students so you should avoid distractions and work on your subjects.

5. Lack of preparation

Unfortunately in our country, most people and most of the students don’t know how to prepare for examinations and special examinations and we should be very critical if we don’t prepare well most of us want to get Grace marks your examination multiple percentages can also become very critical for the people every examination has an entry test education board is making new schemes in our country and age all exams are written exams so to study in the right manner is very important to crack any kind of examination.

Students should check out the latest post and if you ask the sales student why they fail they have a huge amount of excuses nobody wants to take full responsibility for direction since the government is also making improvements in their education department failure is not a disgrace remember that but you have to learn from your mistakes and move on.

6. Not using desired fields

Most of the students are failing the examination because they are not using their desired figures and the pressure of their family and society they are choosing those streams and fields which are not theirs.

7. Pressure the society

In countries now it is it has become a trend to follow the people and what they’re doing and how they’re doing you should do the same because everybody’s involved in the trend these days.

8. Lack  of concentration

Concentration is already an important tool in every student’s life and if you are not crystal clear and well focused in your examination you are not going to crack them so lack of conservation is also a most important factor while the students fail in their examinations.


To conclude we can say that students should focus on their studies to make themselves role models in another eye. We all know how it is to pass the exams in this difficult time when our economy is going up and down. So, believing in yourself and struggling hard, and never procrastinating in your work can make you successful and you can easily pass any exam no matter whether the exam are matric inter or CSS.

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