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Best Toppers Study Tips For Students | 7 Proven Ways

Last Updated on October 1, 2023

In the time and age that we are living everybody wants to become a topper and asks for topper study tips to achieve the best percentage age in his academic time.  

It is the need of the hour that everybody is struggling to find a job because the competition for finding a job is very much higher than the recent past years.

Many of the toppers have given topper study tips to the average students.

  1. Basically, when we talk about a topper What is the topper study schedule for the exam?
  2. what kind of study material is used by them?
  3. how to study like a topper?
  4. what different kinds of secret study tips are given to us for any competitive exam from class topper?

or to any student who wants to prepare for any competitive exam preparation is very important.

Best Toppers Study Tips

Most students believe in smart work and that is truly the case if you don’t have that much time and you have to make a move and use study hacks. Topper students use these hacks to get good marks In their examinations and they have a different schedule altogether.

Yes, hard work and smart work are very important and the class toppers are very hard working the preparation and the habit of studying that they have developed is totally remarkable especially if they are preparing for the CBSE board examination.

Here Are The Best Toppers Study Tips For Students

Many students don’t just acquire knowledge in school, college, and university. Rather, they study online courses, lecture on YouTube, and go to the best institutes, this is the main reason for them to become toppers and the other reasons and tips are explained below:

1. Have an organized schedule

The first of the most important study tips is a secret study tips. Many of the toppers use this kind of trick to secure good grades the main tip is that they have a schedule that they have been following for a really long time and they don’t make any kind of chopping and changing in their schedule.

They have a specific timetable which they have to follow No matter what are the consequences and the circumstances they have been facing doesn’t matter if any kind of marriage has occurred even if they have to miss that event they will do it for the better future.

2.No distraction

Study in an environment that is totally distraction-free and you are not distracted by anyone The biggest distraction that you are going to face is your mobile phone because the notifications are going to waste lots of your time and it is not a good sign if you are studying for a final exam because the study session at that time is very important.

Not only when you are studying for a final examination but also if you are preparing for mock tests You’re every second is very crucial and that is the difference between a neet topper and an average student. The main thing in toppers’ habits is that a topper never wastes his time because he knows that every second is very crucial for him.

3. Clear doubts and ask questions

It is very important for you that if you have a doubt about any kind of question that is raising upon your mind and you are not clear about the answer. Ask question the teacher about the doubts and never be hesitant when you are asking a question or about because it is the right of a student to ask questions.

If a situation occurs and you are not cleared in your mind that how to solve this particular problem or a question unfortunately if that question appears in the examination what are you going to do about that you will be totally blank and you know what kind of horrible feeling that really is when you are totally blank in an examination. It also affects the rest of the paper that you are about to solve because your mindset has been broken into two parts.

4. Focus on the difficult subjects

The toppers definitely focus on the difficult subjects because everybody knows his strength and weaknesses Students need to focus on the subjects in which they are very weak or they think they are not very well prepared as compared to other subjects you have to focus on those subjects from the word go and from the start because when the examinations are near your mind will become restless and you won’t be able to focus on that particular subject because of the tensions and the stress.

For example, if you are a student who is very weak at maths and mathematics is a problem for him then you have to be very well prepared from the start you have to focus on this particular subject because it is going to affect your overall percentage and if you do not do that is going to affect on your percentage and your overall results as well will be spoiled by that particular subject because you were not that much very well prepared.

5. Take breaks

It is very important when you are having a study session and you think that your mind is becoming restless and you won’t be able to focus that much clearly and effectively then it is very important to take breaks for 30 minutes approximately to get your mind fresh again by taking breaks.

It does not mean that you have to use your mobile phone you can go for a walk you can read something or eat something nutritionist that is going to focus your mind for the next session it is very important to take breaks because breaks can definitely increase the amount of focus that is going to be done by your side.

Most of the students believe that taking breaks is equally to waste of time which is definitely not the case when you take breaks and take some important kind of breaks your mind becomes relaxed because every machine needs to stop it’s working for a short period of time to work in a right manner for upcoming future similarly the situation is that with the brain as well we have also seen that our brain has limited amount of energy.

When you get some kind of a break and give a kind of rest to the brain It works in the right manner and works properly rest it does not mean that you have to walk around you can also sleep for 30 to 45 minutes to make your brain work in the right direction and with peace and speed at the very same time.

For example, If you are training in a gym and you have a very intense weight session the breaks that you’re going to take in a gym session are going to motivate you or going to push you for the next session that you’re going to make in the gym similarly that thing goes on in the examination session and in the study session as well.

6. Study the past papers

This is the difference between a topper that a topper study strategy. study tips from toppers students are that you see the previous year’s question papers rapidly because the previous year’s papers can really help a student to prepare very well for the upcoming examination.

According to research, 60 to 70% of the examination has been made in the past so it is very important for a student to keep a check on past papers and be very well prepared for that as well because the questions are going to shuffle every now and then.

When you are starting the past papers you do not have to be dependent on the past papers rapidly you have to make up your own move and put your heart and soul into The preparation for the examination but you can definitely get an idea that what are the important questions that are going to be or can be repeated in the upcoming examination.

When a student is studying the past paper it can also give him a very nice and a good kind of perception that how the paper is going to look like and how I need to what time that paper is when I’m in the examination hall so it’s important to study the past papers and make notes of it so if the time occurs and the situation occurs in the future you are very well prepared and up for it that you can meet any kind of situation that is put in front of you.

7. Do not panic

The final and the most important tip that toppers can give to any student is that when you are going into an examination hall and you are sitting on your seat please do not panic and get a hold on your nerves because this panic situation can really get down to your nerves and spoil the whole mode of your preparation and examination. 

Therefore, it is important to adopt effective toppers study techniques to manage your stress levels and remain focused throughout the examination.

It is very obvious when you are going to the examination hall many different kinds of theories and questions are going to mount up on your head and make you feel anxious and restless at the very same time.

you have to control your emotions and nerves at that particular time because if you don’t these things are going to spoil the whole preparation that you have done for the examination you have to believe in yourself that you are very well prepared for the examination and relax your mind at that particular point.


To conclude we say that nobody is born 100% percent perfect and that is what life is all about if you want to have success you have to burn your midnight oil to make sure that you are successful.

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

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