9 Purposes Of Final Exams That Are Beneficial for All

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

purposes of final examsThe main purpose of the examination is to assess students caliber and to get to know that what all the things that students need to improve in their practical and personal and academic life. If the students are not that much good in academics, it is a sign of worry for the teachers and the students.

We give 9 purposes of final exams that boost your knowledge in the topic of exams.

The examinations should be made in that kind of a manner that pushes the students to work hard on their academic life and to get to know that what are the things that the students need to do to become a better students not just academically but you should need to give them some basic skills that are required for him to excel in his life.

Why Were Final Exams Invented?

The exams are basically invented to assess the students and what he has learned and what are the things that he needs to do to make themselves better as a student. As a learner, this is the main reason for examinations and why they are conducted at the end of the year it is just to analyze the student.

How do final exams affect the students?

student face final exams

The amount of psychological pressure that is mounted upon the students while they are giving any kind of exam or final exam that is used we cannot even think of bearing that pressure because the parents and the students always have a same goal to get the 90% marks in their examinations but at the same time they are putting hell amount of pressure on the students which is not good for their mental and physical health.

Why are final exams important?

Final exams are important because they improve your learning ability, and if the students prepare for their final exam, this will be beneficial for all students, teachers, and parents. Also, many students feel under the weather when they see or hear that the exam is coming and very near. So, Our advice for you is: Prepare yourself for final exams to prepare yourself for the future challenge is the answer to why are final exams important.

9 Purposes Of Final Exams:

In the European countries final exam we can has been conducted and the university registrar is always there to remind the students about the final examination and the exam day is just like a hell for the students out there final examination the students have a huge amount of pressure in their minds.

9 purposes of final exams

1. Analytical purpose

 The first purpose of the examination is to analyze the student what he is doing in the class time in the meeting time, academic affairs should also be analyzed by these examinations. The day when the exam date is finalized the students need to give their full attention and be on their toes no matter what is happening the final week of the examinations also crushes the mental health of the students.

The purpose should be to examine the finals of the examination and the students exam conflict is always there some of the students think that the exam should be as such as their conducted the examination schedule should be in a balanced way.

The final examination schedule should not be that much hectic as it is. When the teachers are studying in the office hours their purpose shouldn’t be that the course grade and the percentage of the students are higher or not the purpose should be that what are the students are learning throughout the year.

2. What the student has learned

The learning of the student is very important that what the main criteria of the examination should be, what are the students learn in the final course and the final exam period?

The understanding of the course is also very important if you are giving the knowledge that is 10 years ago in the examination the final exam time is useless the instructor should instruct the students and what are the things that any two basics skills should also be given to the students which are very important for the practical life.

3. Mistake of the students

The mistakes of the students should also be analyzed and what are the mistakes that they are doing a students and what are the things that they need to prove that the student for example:

If somebody is not good in grammar and vocabulary then the teachers and the students should down and work on that thing burn their midnight oil and hard work is also very important in that kind of a scenario because in those circumstances it is very important to lose your cool and go on the floor if you do that then definitely the things are not going to go in your favor.

4. They are attentive in the class

The main conflict of the examination is that what are the things that the student is learning if he is attentive in the class or the regular classes also does not affect is mental peace and health during the exam period and the final grade doesn’t matter if the students mindset is getting crushed in the examination time then there is no use of the examination.

5. Are students creative

The creative mindset and the ability to ask questions should not be crashed when you are sitting in the examination doesn’t matter if the examination is based on semester system if you are reading those business things which have no use in the practical and personal life of the student that definitely there examination has no use.

6. Competition with other schools

Another reason for the examination is that the students and college and universities their competing with other universities especially in the subcontinent they do not give a time to what are the students doing in the classroom whether they are learning anything or not whether they are being creative either they are getting new skills for their practical life they just want to improve the percentage of their school and their result.

7. Memory testing

Another purpose of the examination is to test the memory of the students if the student days a good memorizer and he fee memorizes the whole text as a whole as it is written in the books then definitely the person will get 90% or 80% but unfortunately in the students and the teachers do not know that what are the purpose of these examinations basically the examinations do not have any practical and personal impact on your personal life because the examination not giving you even one percent of the knowledge.

8. Promotion to the next level

The purpose of the exam is to analyze whether the student is accountable or that much vigilant enough to go to the next level of the next class and if he is that much very well prepared for the future challenges and what are the things that he needs to do in the future.

if you cannot pass the easiest class and the easiest examination then how are you going to go to the next level and go to the next class in which the books are higher and the books are very much complicated as compared to your current class because as we all know that the more successfully you become the more hard the things get.

9. Preparation for the future challenges

The coming future challenges are very much complicated and the exam criteria is always there to make you prepare for the future examinations of the life because the practical life is very much complicated as compared to your school life for academic life you have to be very much well prepared for the challenges that you are going to face in your practical life.


To conclude we can say that the purpose of the examination is to analyze the students and it places a very important role in their assessment and how they are going in their academic life and what they are doing and what they are learning and whether they are comparative of for the future challenges and future goals which they have in their mind.

If a person is not that much competent in the examination then why or how is going to meet the challenges of the next class?

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