How To Study Fast Without Forgetting? – 13 Best Tips

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

Study fast

Basically, in the time in which we are living most of the people ask every now and then how to study fast without forgetting because people are also struggling with short-term memory loss.

And there could be many factors such as poor diet and restlessness not only parents but teachers are also not forcing on learning. so, the memory is no longer considered a long-term memory. The young generation is starting to forget new information and the study sessions or not that much effective.

Short-term memory loss has been affected and the scene in the high school students in repetition and parents are not been able to give basic lesson checklists and maintain a check and balance between the routine of the students.

After the pandemic has spread all over the world video lesson has become very common and space repetition is also a very common problem for the students as well because they won’t be able to interact with the teachers that frequently.

Both teachers and students have to know some study tips that can help them recall all the things that they have learned and want to memorize.

1. Sticky notes

The sticky notes can become very lethal and effective for the students who are suffering from this memory loss and it is a very good technique. if you want to become a good learner and want to give an active recall in your memory about the things study point to remember not just in memories but you want to make it frequent in your brain then you can definitely go for this memory technique.

It is a very good technique not to study time but why you are doing some house chores will be affected by that what is the point as well because you will get to see the notes on the wall or in the room.

2. Ask questions 

You have to ask questions from your teachers and ask them very frequently it should be a string of frequently asked questions to get the topic and the theory in your head accordingly and effectively because if you are asking questions and asking them with a serious head you will get to know that all the skills that you need to memorize the thing are all in you.

3. Help others in the study

By helping others we mean that you should help them involving the question or the problem which they are facing regarding studies. It is a very good tip that can also help you to revise your study material and your communication skill also increases.

Because when he was talking and interacting with the person your language skills also increase you should make a study habit accordingly and make sure that you do not get carried while you are helping others or making them teach anything.

4. Good sleeping pattern

Maintain a balanceable sleep especially if your exams are going on and if you want to be very good in your memory retention. Do not forget the sleep because people are so much into memorizing things and working on the exam preparation that they forget that it is very important to have a good sleeping pattern.

So you do not get restless when you are studying and you do not get carried away because mind-body connection is very important no matter what you are doing or what kind of career you have opted for in your life you have to rest and take care of your resting pattern.

According to many research and articles out there for the human body, it is very important to have 6 to 7 hours of sleep. if you want your body and mind function to work in a proper manner so and there is a very important thing that you do not have to sleep in just one session you can sleep in the evening if you are very much tired because resting yourself is as important as working out on something.

5. Avoid distractions 

Make sure that when you were studying you do not have your phone with you because the phone is the biggest destruction in this current time and age. so, if you are studying for a very important examination make sure that you have a very quiet environment, and known as pollution is there to distract you at the time of your study session at the same time.

You have to make some good important notes that can help you in the time of prices doesn’t matter if you are a college student or a batch mate of some very well-known University you should keep this tip and mind.

6. Best time

Know your best time by best time we mean the time at a new year of the day in which your concentration power is maximized and you know very well that this is the best and the peak of my concentration power and if I sit down to memorize anything either it is buying online learning or if I had to memorize a piece of very important information while reading I can do this in a snap.

Because my mind is fully active now and I can memorize all the key concepts in a different way either by practice or anything that I have been doing in life consistently this time is the best when it comes to memorizing the things and the theory of my subject.

7. Take breaks

When you are studying something you must keep in mind that you have to take breaks regularly every now and then because it will not only make you feel mentally relaxed but also will give you the required energy that you need to resume the proceedings of your study session.

8. Revise the syllabus

It is very important revision is the most important thing that you can do to remember something and because it is the nature of our mind that if we do not recall a thing in our mind regularly we tend to forget it every now and then.

So you have to be very sure and very precise about your revision techniques and you have to make sure that you do not get carried away once you have studied something in your study session you should keep in mind that you have to revise regularly so you do not forget it.

9. Practice self-testing

You have to practice yourself do not depend on anything or anybody else that is going to push you toward your goal because it is you have to make sure that you will not forget the things that you have memorized in your life.

Self-testing is a very good technique that you have in your mind you have to memorize it because when you have memorized something by heart it is very important to write it down so you do not forget it.

10. Maintain a good diet

You have to maintain a good healthy diet so you do not get lazy while you are studying to memorize anything in your mind avoid those kinds of food that are going to make you lazy especially the food that is full of sugar and oily things such as fries burgers etc.

11. Use technology

Technology can be lethal in this time in age because of the technology the world has become a global village and has been changing the passive time. so it’s very important for students to use technology for the betterment of educational purposes and while you are using technology make sure that you do not get carried away.

12. SQ3R

It is one of the most effective and well-recognized methods that has been developed in recent times by Robinson. Basically, SQ3R means survey questions read recite, and review about the things that you work on or have been working on.

13. Exercise regularly

Scientifically proven that when you are exercising and working out on your physical routine your mind and body coordination works in the right way and in fact works quickly because when you are sitting and lying around and doing nothing that is an invitation to negativity.

So either if you are a student or not and if you are working on something that is very important for you to remember it is very necessary for you as a person to go there I had the gym or do any kind of physical activity.


To conclude we can say that remembering things depends upon your daily habits and basic tips that are required for you to remember a thing your diet and all the other ingredients also are very necessary if you want to remember everything that you have been working on.

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