Keep Your Strategy In Mind, Not On Your Lips

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

Keep Your Strategy In Mind Not On Your Lips

Key Takeaway: Silent strategy is the key to success because without achieving success why do you tell your plans to others, keep your plan to yourself, and burn the midnight oil to get success keep in mind, that sharing too soon might backfire, causing disappointment. Success means you depend believe in yourself, are comfortable with silence, break bad habits, and know how to handle stress and failure. In the world, now everyone is against you, with the help of your information, So Be Careful!

Making strategies is very important for your upcoming goals no matter what kind of mental strength you have, you have to make sure that you’re working in the right direction and towards the right frame of mind. Yes, the negative thoughts will come to your mind.

Still, you need to keep your strategies in mind not your lips Quote by Zaid ul hassan.

You need to let go of your bad habits and the thoughts that are coming out in your mind that are getting on to your nerves and giving you anxiety, a leader needs to manage the stress and the anxiety disorder You need to do so your mind body focus technique should be appropriate.

You can also read many related articles on stress management which will give you awareness. It is also very important for you to watch your tongue and mouth when you are speaking your mind-body coordination should be there.

In today’s world, it is very important for you to make your own strategies and make your own timetable to work in a proper direction and if you think that there is something missing definitely you should give it a try and make new strategies like Albert Einstein said: It is a fool who acts in a same way and expect different results.

We are always given that model code that ethics should be the first criterion no doubt that ethics should be there, we have also heard that sharing is caring but according to practical life if you are giving your ideas to people you might be educating an enemy.

Element of surprise

When you have your strategies in mind if you are not showing your strategies to others then definitely one thing is for sure you are becoming a surprise arrangement for upcoming people upcoming generations and the upcoming compatible yours. You have to make sure that whatever you are doing you have make a very compatible and a very practical strategy to make your goals into reality to turn your goals to reality.

Yes, you have to build up a team but make sure that the team you have must be that kind of a team that you can count there should not be any kind of hypocritical people in your team that increase the time they might stab you.

Building trust

Also a very important factor in your goals and making your strategies but like mentioned earlier that if you want to build up a team that is strong enough there should be prospectors and they should not be any kind of discrimination between rich and poor at the very same time, it is very important for the people if you are making a strategy then you should make it in a proper way.

If you are a person who is going to make a move then there should be at first factor for the team and as a leader it is very important for you hundred times more important for you to make a team who has the ingredient of trust in it.

Embracing the power of silence

Silence is the key factor because when the people don’t know your strength weaknesses it is very hard for them to defeat you defeating a person is just like a strategy if you are a person who is open in everything if you are a person who is open minded if you are a person who is showing your cards to the people all the time.

If you are letting know you are straight it is to the people to your any is to your friends every time you are speaking what yourself then definitely or asking for trouble definitely you are asking for some huge trouble coming out of your way that can break the barriers that can break the backbone of your life and world that can make you feel helpless at the very same time.

Letting go the bad habits

We all are human beings we all have some bad habits, you all have some good habits it’s very important for you that if you are becoming a leader, you have a strategy in your mind according to your goal then you should eliminate your bad habits or minimize your bad habits as much as possible.

You should make sure that you are replacing your bad habits with good habits you are repressing your good times in a better time making up yourself a better person for the upcoming future you have to improve yourself no matter what happens to your life and regulation doesn’t effective leader a very good leader.

Stress Busters

At the very same time on the people are talking about you they are criticizing you and the people who are talking behind your back it is an integrated that you are getting success it is integrated that you are becoming successful at what happens in your life.

So as a stress booster, you should make sure that whatever you are doing whatever you are planning to do you manage your stress, and if somebody is giving you stress eliminate the person for good no matter how close the person never has close that relationship is no matter how old that will ship is your priority should be your mental peace and that’s the only case where you can be successful.

Watch your mouth

See the power of the tongue is also very critical and very brutal at the very same time when you are doing something good for your country and for the people it is very important for you to choose your mouth and lips and tongue very wisely because when you are talking to some other person some other party your words should be as calculated and as critical as a piece of diamond because when you are speaking rubbish you are doing more harms and good to yourself you are making yourself a clown, a person who has no values and you will be looking like a joker.

The power of thought

Your thoughts should be very positive and according to your goals, we all know that thoughts are not controllable, but at times your thought should be positive and make you feel good what yourself there should be any kind of an activity coming to your mind coming to your body because the spell that negative thought will give to your mind, it is totally  disgusting and totally irrational and irradicates for your upcoming future.


To conclude we can say that strategies are very important in order to make your goals a reality if you want to make big goals and to reality you have to make sure that you have a strategic mind when you are not giving thought strategies to the closest friends of yours because you might be educating your enemies and the studies can be used against you in the main time which is very much going on in this world right now you have to be very careful.

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