Is Law A Good Career In Pakistan?

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

Law means knowing the rights and acting accordingly if you want to pursue law as in career it is a huge responsibility that is mounting upon your shoulders because you are taking someone else responsibility not just responsibility for the case but the life insurance can go in serious trouble if a person is not serious with this profession. In this article , Lawyer (Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir Hussain) give answer to this question “is law a good career in pakistan”.

Depending upon the times circumstances they time has changed rapidly many law schools and law colleges are providing education about the law and the student is very much interested in doing any kind of a law job In Pakistan, he can definitely pursue constitutional law and also can practice in the high court after letting the license from the bar council.

is law a good career in pakistan

But definitely, it’s a huge responsibility on the other side as well because when you flip the coin there is a huge power of attorney on you that is Pakistan your tool text is free many of the luxurious lifestyles are given to the lawyers especially in the high court and supreme court.

if you are the president of the bar council or the secretary of the bar council you have already decent to a class which is totally unbearable people cannot touch you to common people have to struggle to get to those places because it is a very high authoritative place in which every lawyer and every judge wants to be.

1. Career in Pakistan 

If you want to grow up a career in law and develop a good law career in Pakistan there are some things you have to make sure that you are keeping a maintain balance into them because things don’t match according to your perspective you are never going to be a good lawyer and a good law student.

2. Books to read 

First of all, if you are studying as a law student there are some things that you have to follow as a law student that read the law books and the course books at the same time because it will enhance your knowledge and enhance your vocabulary as well.

There are many law fields in Pakistan that students can opt people normally think that only law means that you can only be a lawyer or a judge at the same time but no that’s not true there are many more digital services that a person can have if he’s a good lawyer and a corporate lawyer and knows the corporate law he can pursue this field through the highest of ranks that can for ranks that are unimaginable to conquer.

3. Fields in law

For example, you can be a judge you can be a civil judge senior George, and even be the supreme Court of Pakistan country you can go into the civil services you can work as a barrister as a legal advisor, or a prosecution lawyer for the state who is funded by the state in any ranks because he will be representing The country on the higher ranks.

4. Study of the past papers 

As a law student, it is very important for you to study past papers because the questions and the answers are going to be very technical and it will blow your mind if you are not that well prepared according to the time if you are not updating your self according to the time you will definitely struggle in this field of litigation and it is not going to be easy for you to cope up with that.

Because fighting for the human artist is not going to be easy you have to compromise a lot for that if you want to be a legal advisor you have to study really hard and joining the law firm is the dream of every lawyer and to do so you have to touch up that benchmark that is required to go to that law firm.

Immigration law is also a medical law that you have to study if you want to be an expert in immigration.

The most important thing for any law student is to pass the law GAT EXAM which is very necessary to pass to get the load degree.

5. Admission requirements 

If you want to get admission to a law institute first you have to pass the law examination which is been held by the HEC foundation.

Many other universities like Punjabi University and Alumni University are providing these kinds of degrees of law and if you want to enroll in the Pakistan Bar Council you have to get a license from the bar console to provide your legal services to your clients of yours.

6. Family law and others 

The easiest law is family law because after you get the LLB degree it is going to be very easy for you to understand the family laws because it has been happening in Pakistani society rapidly and it is very easy for any newcomer to be a legal advisor when it comes to family law a law graduate must be very well known of the law and a law society is involved In any trail of Pakistan.

7. International law

To know international affairs and international law one should study international law very thoroughly and with full concentration because the attorney general you are going to get from the bar council can go in your favor or against you if you are not that well prepared for   international law

It’s ready important for any law student to know the interest and the taste of his mind because if you are a person who is very much intellectual and has a grip on the English language you must practice in the High Court and learn more about the legal field and develop skills and read court fees act political signs especially if you want to become a civil judge critical thinking is also very important for any lawyer if you want to prevail in this field


You conclude we can say that law is a highly demanding profession yet it has the most important decisions to make for any law student if you want to prepare for this field because you are the justice provider and justice delayed is just as denied.

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