5 Powerful Ways Discipline Over Desire Can Improve Your Life

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

Discipline Over Desire

Everyone wants something better and this world is like input and output, what does this mean? if you give this world good, the world’s response is good and better and if you take too much from this world and do not give it, it breaks your desire and every bad happening in your life is the cause of this process, and when you take action with discipline, you complete your desire, there are two types of desire: bad or good, bad desire gives you short-term pleasure and good desire gives you long-term pleasure.

In the role of bad desire, the goal of creative discipline; we should not call discipline rather than it is lust, discipline over desire,  essentially means prioritizing self-control and adopting good things in your life, like we say this is the spiritual appetite of a good person who serve their performance in a different way to complete his desire with the help of discipline.

Understanding discipline over desire is crucial but in this article, your all strategies and hard work pay you definitely without any doubt because I attach you with discipline not with desire. If I focus and prefer for desire, then Greed destroys a person.

So let’s delve into this topic “5 Powerful Ways Discipline Over Desire Can Improve Your Life” that opens the door of wisdom.

1. Work Hard In your passion That is Right For You And Especially For the People 

You should know about your passion before starting any goals, you should now how I control my emotions and complete my goals, you should now about how to boost my willpower that is beneficial for me and others,   if your passion is for doing good deeds in any field, you should serve your people and your intent is that, I can also positively impact the lives of others. In fact, it is difficult to stay alone. Every human being can be helped by another human being. 

So, you need happiness, you serve them to get happy, you need fame, you give fame, you become famous and as it is, you need anything, you give others, even You don’t have that thing up though, your try is your success and If you manage to set up a failed person, you will learn a lot in life from their failure.. Simply consider how your efforts can create value for others,  solve problems, or contribute to the betterment of your community or society as a whole. 

2. Make YOurSelf Brand 

Write now competition is too much in every field, without giving value it is difficult to make yourself star, you see all the brands like Apple, Amazon, they had worked hard, they have reached this point after a lot of hard work, and they have a great status, their hard work, their dedication now speak loudly. They are consuming effort and they are now the world’s biggest companies through their hard work. 

Just do the right thing, stick to it with discipline, keep your motivation high, and stay committed. That’s the secret sauce to making those desires of yours a reality.

Also Follow these Things:

  • Authenticity:
    • Be genuine in your actions and communication.
    • Stay true to your values and beliefs.
    • Showcase your unique personality and quirks.
  • Consistency:
    • Maintain a cohesive image across all platforms.
    • Deliver consistently high-quality work or content.
    • Engage regularly with your audience or community.
  • Differentiation:
    • Focus on your unique strengths and expertise.
    • Offer something distinctive or innovative to your audience.

3. Spiritual and physical Relationship Should be strong 

Humans are a mix of two key elements – the soul and the body. When we work both physically by doing such an activity that makes us strong and work on spirituality by doing Prayer (Namaz), etc, it’s like charging ourselves up with this unstoppable energy that makes success feel like a breeze.

So, Work on these both things because weaknesses in one area can really hold back the other. Remember, with disciplined affirmation, you can overcome these obstacles and keep moving forward.

4. Know The Purpose Of Life 

In this world where we live, we should know that we have a purpose to live according to the demands of our existence.  It is a great success to avoid bad deeds and develop good deeds. The purpose of saying is that we should perform our actions according to the instructions of our Creator.

Everyone considers gaining financial power as success, becoming famous as success, but in reality, success is that if a person puts his life in accordance with his creator, and will get success in this world and hereafter. 

5. Be better today than yesterday

I know when I feel discomfort, it is often because of my past. Also, The main reason for procrastination is to remember the bad emotions you were doing in your past. Everyday life is a new opportunity, never waste this opportunity because If you don’t seize this time, you will regret it tomorrow.

Your character, mindset, and habits play a vital role, and practicing it day by day bridges the gap between external challenges and internal strength.

So, this is the 5th virtue of discipline break your desire and believe it with discipline, it is the most important thing that is possible to complete your desire.


In conclusion, we should only focus on discipline and know about the mechanism of this world as I said in the intro, and work hard, control every bad desire is nothing and give you a lot of difficulties in your Precious life. The most important thing is that you know the purpose of life is to surrender to only one God. 

I hope you get my point about discipline over desire, Thanks For reading it and sharing this blog post with your friends and relatives.

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